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Test and deploy your breakthrough ideas with a complete set of web tools

Web Experimentation


Optimize conversion rates by modifying and testing all elements on your site, directly in Bloomreach Engagement platform

Make Your Web Experience a Team Success

Great web experiences are built by the constant testing of simple but powerful ideas. Unleash the creativity of your digital teams and let them implement and test their hypotheses with a few simple clicks. Continuously experiment with various designs to optimize your digital presence for the best performance.

Personalized Experiences That Count

Display unique content to each of your individual customers. Our built‑in Customer Data Platform opens up new possibilities for interacting with your customers. Use analytical insights and predictive data to engage the most relevant or high‑value customer segments. Deliver personalized experiences quickly and effectively to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

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Experiment with Product Recommendations

Experiment with multiple product recommendation algorithms designed to adapt to your unique business needs. Find the most efficient recommendation model and discover the placement on site that drives the highest conversion rates.


Display real‑time personalized messages to your visitors based on their behavior

Boost engagement and ease the decision‑making process

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Easily detect when your visitors are about to leave your website and immediately launch overlays with offers they can’t resist.

Recommend the Right Products

Show customers you understand them. Use product recommendations to deliver a tailored selection of products that’s as unique as your customers are.

Don’t Waste Time with a Lengthy Integration

Display your first campaign in less than an hour. Use our Visual Editor and its wide palette of predefined templates (countdown, subscription, survey overlays) to speed up your process even more.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Our smart A/B testing functionality enables you to test various designs simultaneously. This allows you to easily understand the impact of changes and optimize your experiments in real‑time, helping you achieve your desired results. Replace guesswork with testing and optimize your website to perfection.

Predictive Bandit for Web

Predictive Bandit for Web

Predictive Bandit personalization for web helps you to increase conversion rates by choosing the best message for each individual customer. With Predictive Bandit, there is no winning variant; instead, they continually learn from past and ongoing customer behavior and dynamically adjust the flow of traffic towards each of the variants. This yields better results faster, and, ultimately, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing relevant content.

Over 300 brands have compiled their customer data and used our marketing automation strategies to provide a better customer experience.
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