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Business Growth Comes from Great Commerce Experiences

Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX)

And great commerce experiences all have one thing in common: exceptional product and content discovery.

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How brX Works With Your Tech Stack

Utilize our API-based headless architecture to fit in with your existing commerce platform and front-end technologies.

Option 1: Use brX to Power Your Entire Front-end Experience

For those looking for the advantages of a headless commerce solution with full personalization capabilities and great business user tools, brX can power your entire front end.

  • Built for headless, native support for SPAs
  • Use all five brX modules from a single interface
  • Integrations to leading Commerce Platform integrations, complete with accelerators to jumpstart your integration
  • Flexible hosting options
  • SPA Hosting with our preferred partners
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Option 2: Consume Our APIs Within Your Current Front-end or Commerce Platform

Keep your existing front end and use our APIs to power advanced product discovery or experience personalization.

  • Keep your existing front-end platform
  • Insert our APIs into your “glass”
  • Use our Javascript SDKs to easily inject experience and products into an SPA
  • Explore documentation
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What is More: Commerce Experience Accelerators

  • Quickly connect brX to your commerce platform of choice, to power either Content or Search/Merch/Recommendations use cases
  • GraphQL based Integrations to leading Commerce platforms (SAP, Commercetools, Salesforce B2B, Shopify)
  • Product feed connectors to easily extract your catalog and import into our Search index

Check out our recent tech talk at Bloomreach Connect 2020 about our GraphQL integration layer.

An Agile Approach to Onboarding

Choose Your Modules

Based on your use cases, we will work with you to identify the right brX modules to start with, depending on which solves your most pressing problem.

  • Identify the outcomes you want to deliver (e.g. increased revenue, greater technical flexibility)
  • Either select an SI partner or implement in-house
  • Complete training projects, if necessary, for both business users and developers
**Choose Your Modules

Implement Platform Foundation

Depending on which module you start with, you’ll need to onboard to brX as you go, expand to new modules over time.

For Search, Merchandising, Recommendations and SEO:

  • Import product feed into your index 
  • Implement the Bloomreach Pixel

For Content Management:

  • Add content, customize page components
**Implement Platform Foundation

Design and Deliver

Continually roll out new experiences and features on any channels. Go live in as little as 6 weeks.

  • Update UI elements to call the Bloomreach APIs
  • Utilize Bloomreach accelerators to quickly build front-end experiences
  • Use our SDKs to develop with the latest Javascript technologies
  • Repeat
**Design and Deliver

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