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URLs migrated in 13 two-week sprints


Topdanmark is Denmark’s second largest insurance company, with the principle task of managing people’s insurance and pension schemes while instilling trust in their customers.


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Topdanmark, the second largest insurance company in Denmark, is forging ahead in digital with Bloomreach Experience Manager. We sat down with Camilla Boel, Web Insights & Optimization Manager for Topdanmark, to talk about why Bloomreach made sense for their digital strategy and how they completed the first phase, migrating 500 URLs to their new website in thirteen two-week sprints, in the estimated time, scope, and budget.

Topdanmark faced challenges that many FinServ companies run into, such as cumbersome legacy systems full of customer data and the need to create custom customer elements quickly.

When deciding on a platform for their digital experience, Topdanmark were determined to find a solution that met three key criteria:

  • Continuous development of the product
  • An easier way to share content across multiple brands
  • The tools to put customer focus at the front and center of their online experience

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Before meeting Bloomreach, marketers had to copy and paste content four times every time there was an update. Now they make an update to one content document and can immediately publish across all sites.

Camilla Boel, Web Insights & Optimization Manager at Topdanmark


Easy to Develop

For Topdanmark, agility is key, not just in their own company but for their technology partners as well. Topdanmark wanted a platform that was constantly innovating, with an active developer community, easy to integrate with other best-of-breed technologies, and set up for their own developers to continuously optimize the experience. This meant that, according to Boel, their shortlist was largely comprised CMS platforms with an open architecture.

Flexibility was a driving factor for Topdanmark because they needed the freedom to prototype and test new customer features. A past example that Boel discussed was a feature that allowed customers to easily add-on coverages to their primary insurance. The prototype was developed in two weeks and shown to visitors purchasing travel insurance.

They saw a great conversion rate and the add-on feature was pushed into development to become permanent. Topdanmark was looking for an experience platorm that allowed this kind of rapid experimentation throughout the entire customer experience.

Bloomreach Experience Manager allowed Topdanmark to build in a way that works for current business strategy while simultaneously preparing the foundaton for their future strategy. Ripping and replacing an entire tech stack was simply not the most optimal solution for Topdanmark. Everyday business may have taken a hit if developers had to replatorm the entire experience in one go.

Topdanmark has now implemented Bloomreach Experience Manager to deliver their public content, using their legacy system in tandem to run the customer portal. For the next phase, they are developing BloomReach Relevance collectors that will enable data from public pages to power continuous personalization across both public and portal spaces.

Reusable Content Across Brands

Along with back-end agility, Topdanmark also needed a tool with a user interface that made version management easy for their marketers, supportng quicker time to market for new initatives across multiple brands.

Under the Topdanmark umbrella are two main brands, Topdanmark and Danske Forsikring, along with a handful of stand-alone campaign sites. Similar content is used across all of them, with a few differentiating variables such as branding and pricing options. Historically, these two brands, along with the stand-alone sites, had run on different installations. This meant, even though they were using the same content, the marketing team had to manually update every channel with every small change. It was a lot of daily maintenance and finding a solution for this was a big driver in their hunt for a better system.

With Bloomreach Experience Manager, Topdanmark is now reusing content, such as coverage descriptions, across brands by using variables. The dynamic variable list allows the same content to be used across all brands with diferentatons where needed - allowing marketers to add in new variables (such as discounts, images or copy) without needing to go through IT.

Customer Focused Content

Like many others in Financial Services, Topdanmark’s main priority is improving convenience and support for customers. This means they need to be able to determine not only their purchasing preferences, but also which information they need to feel secure with their financial decisions - and how each individual prefers to receive that information.

This starts with providing customers with easy-to-find content. Topdanmark is achieving this by using Bloomreach Experience Manager to revamp their FAQ pages, designing them to be searchable within each insurance separately. This is both convenient for customers and makes the content more optimized for external search engines, such as Google.

Along with search, Topdanmark is making it easy for customers to find the right information with decision trees. These decision trees guide customers to the correct content step-by-step and, for visitors who reach the end of the decision tree and still have questions, relevant contact information can be given so the visitor is routed immediately to the right department.

With the right content in place, next comes understanding how your customers want to interact with your brand and ensuring those interactions are consistent online and off.

Building for Today and Tomorrow

Financial services are finding more and more ways to compete using digital, and the technology decisions made today have to bring competitive advantages both immediately and in the years ahead.

Choosing an experience platform that integrates with Topdanmark’s current technology investments was the first way to guarantee an immediate digital advantage.

This rapid optimization of their brand sites, and the workflow that powers them, is just one reason Topdanmark is launching ahead in digital. The second reason is that they have their eye on the future, by picking a platform that is open to innovation and by building the foundation of data now to power their future cross-channel relevance strategy.

Topdanmark's Favourite Features


Content Management

Edit and preview content without leaving the page with preview that includes text, visuals and products inserted on the page. Launch, manage and customize campaign specific landing pages and microsites at top speed without depending on IT.



Personalize how you rank products for each visitor. Bloomreach can understand user preferences on a one-to-one basis and reorders products based on user preferences.

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