Reengage Customers With an Omnichannel Win-back Campaign

Create a win-back campaign that’s consistent across web, mobile, and email. Leverage customer data to personalize messages, then A/B test and optimize based on real-time interactions.

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Make It Easy for Your Customers to Reengage by Meeting Them on the Right Channel at the Right Time

Activate Single Customer View to Reengage

Understand your dormant customers better than anyone with a Single Customer View, uniting commerce and customer data. With our customer data engine, you will have a database that is scalable, flexible and updatable in real time.

Create Connected Customer Experiences

Re-activate customers with thoughtful communications based on their site activity and purchase history. Choose the most impactful channels to deliver on a connected customer experience.

Capture and Convert With Proven Win-back Use Cases

Re-activate users across your site, email database, and app community

Win back your ‘almost lost’ purchases with an opportune on-exit banner with our turnkey web personalization use case

Use in-app messaging to collect customer feedback and boost customer engagement.

Don’t rely on pixels — use features like our FB Conversion API to optimize your ad spend and increase ROAS.

Send personalized emails by segment with relevant product recommendations to reengage customers who haven’t been active.

Here’s how Bloomreach Engagement helped RoadLords engage inactive app users

RoadLords is a truck GPS navigation app with maps of most of Europe, including Turkey and Russia. It is designed to choose the best route for large vehicles and covers live traffic information — such as incidents and police controls.

Reengage With Push Notifications

In order to engage inactive users, RoadLords used Bloomreach Engagement to send timely push notifications and bring lapsed users back to the app.

Get Feedback With In-app Messages

RoadLords would then send in-app messages to users prompting them to share their thoughts in a quick net promoter score (NPS) survey.

Apply Learnings to Future Campaigns

After collecting NPS scores, RoadLords could then analyze the results and use those learnings to inform future campaigns.

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