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Increase Revenue by Helping Shoppers Find Products Faster

Bloomreach Search Module

Bloomreach’s AI-driven Search for eCommerce allows your teams to create a sophisticated search and product discovery experience that drives conversions and revenue.

The Truth Is...

Searchers Convert 3X Better Than Browsers

Customers’ shopping expectations are ever-increasing. Speed and simplicity are so important to your customers when finding the product they are looking for. The easier it is to find the right products, the higher the conversion rates will be, leading to increased revenue and customer lifetime value.

Search impacts 30-45% of your revenue

People who search convert at a rate 3X better than browsers. Their intent is much stronger, resulting in 30-45% of your revenue coming through search. Bottom line: If your search is bad, it’s going to dramatically affect your revenue.

Personalizing search the old way is a ton of work

You work tirelessly to deliver month-over-month growth by cranking out targeting rules, new products and synonyms. Apply AI/ML technology to automate most of your search experience instead.

Nothing else matters when search crashes

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are stressful when you have to worry about the uptime of your website and search. To get the search right, you need high performance to personalize every search query at scale.

The Good News Is..

Your Product Data Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect to Create Relevant Search

Better product data makes search better. But we all know how difficult it is to maintain good product data. The truth is that your product data will never be good enough to create relevant search experiences. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. You should absolutely continue to improve your product data, but AI can help bridge the gap.

What's New!

APIs For Fast & Scalable Data Ingestion

The new data ingestion APIs are faster and more scalable, ensuring that development teams have what they need to work hand-in-hand with their merchandising teams. They support full and partial catalog updates as well as view and variant level attribute changes and overall provide a much better experience for developers integrating Bloomreach. 

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This Is How We Do It

Relevant & Personalized Search

Create A Sophisticated Search Experience to Help Customers Find Your Products Faster

Bloomreach’s AI-driven Search for eCommerce allows your teams to create a sophisticated search and product discovery experience that drives conversions and revenue.

Product Discoverability & Customer Experience with Sophisticated Search

No bad results. No zero-result searches. Make it easy to find what the customer wants to drive more business and revenue. Put simply, search must make sense. Create a search experience that is quick and easy or visitors won’t stick around, and that means lost sales.

Understand the Most Difficult Queries with Semantic Search

Customers describe products in ways that go beyond basic keywords. A search engine needs to understand the meaning of every word, not just keywords. Boomreach’s Natural Language Processing algorithm and semantic understanding make sense of complex requests to always show the most relevant results and help your customers find what they’re looking for faster.

Always Show the Right Results with Auto-generated Synonyms

Your catalog consists of a fixed list of descriptions for your products - but customers often use unique search queries. Bloomreach automatically generates synonyms based on which terms your customers enter into the search boxes and which products they click on following the search - so you don’t have to.

Our Add to Cart rate from list and product detail pages increased by 4%. That’s huge because it’s a big indication that people are successfully finding the products they want to purchase."

Brooke Logan, Senior Product Manager, HD Supply

Powerful Optimization

Optimize Every Search Query to Drive RPV and Reduce Manual Merchandising

The way to make every search query generate revenue is to build on a platform that incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Do more with less data by leveraging already trained algorithms to optimize the search results out of the box. Automatically optimize customer journeys based on query and performance data of your storefront. Optimize every search query for your business goals.

Get Right to the Good Stuff. Show Every Shopper the Most Relevant Results

  • The algorithms personalize how you rank products for each unique visitor.
  • Use machine learning to understand user preferences on a one-to-one basis.
  • Reorder products based on user preferences to personalize the experience of every customer.

Jump Start Relevant Search Results using Bloomreach’s 12+ Year-Long Trained Ontology

The Bloomreach algorithms look at your product data, every word, and extract meaning such as the attributes and product type. From doing this for hundreds of customers, we've built an ontology that helps us truly understand your catalog and drive outstanding results out of the box. 

Search Experiences with Intuitive Merchandising Tools and Powerful Analytics

Bloomreach's AI-powered technology works in tandem with merchandisers to help them be more data-driven and impactful. Identify and prioritize opportunities with easy-to-understand dashboards that offer analytics and insights.

Bloomreach is the perfect blend of art and commerce. It enables us to set rules to influence machine learning to drive key trends and metrics like margin, Average Order Value, and conversion rate."

Harriet Dowell, eCommerce Trading Manager, Boden

Content Search

Weave Content Into Your Experience to Increase Customer Engagement

Content is needed to attract, educate and convert users - but creating great content is useless if users aren’t able to find it. With Bloomreach’s intelligent Content Search you can combine product and content search to create a seamless experience and prevent shoppers from getting lost to the competition along the way.

Bloomreach enables us to connect all the different touchpoints and deliver a seamless customer experience that really delights our customers and turns them into brand ambassadors."

Ramón Bueno, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Desigual


Performance at Scale, Built For the Enterprise

A beautiful, personalized search experience is worthless if it isn't stable. Build on a rock-solid platform that handles your highest traffic spikes on days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Create a search experience that is secure, reliable and scalable.

Bloomreach is designed to scale with an architecture that can handle evolving traffic requirements as your brand grows.

  • Highest QPS of any vendor
  • Support millions of products
  • AP-based data ingestion with near real-time processing
  • High performance, scalability, security, holiday readiness
  • Multi-site, multi-geo, multi-currency

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