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Albertsons Wins With Personalization and Bloomreach Discovery

Albertsons aims to provide a consistent and distinctive omnichannel customer experience both in-store and through digital channels. 

As one of the first grocery chains to start online delivery back in the 2000s, Albertsons has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to e-commerce. Its desire to provide connected commerce experiences to customers through personalized content to foster brand loyalty makes it one of the most innovative grocery brands on the market.

+ 25 %
increase in customer basket-building speed after implementing Bloomreach Discovery
A lift
in conversion rates
An increase
in basket size

The Challenge

The challenge for Albertsons was to think beyond speed and convenience. The company wants to inspire their customers on what to cook for dinner, offer them multiple ways to shop, and serve up personalized, relevant content wherever possible. Albertsons is also looking to meet the demand as increasingly more people are shifting their grocery shopping online. 

Albertsons realized that it was offering a poor quality of search results in terms of accuracy and relevance online. This naturally contributed to the high bounce rates it was also experiencing. The goal was to turn this around by elevating the customer experience and increasing basket size.

The Solution

Since over 50% of e-commerce revenue stemmed from search, Albertsons needed to optimize the search results it was offering its loyal customers. 

While in-store shopping often starts with preparing a list and knowing which aisle to go to for each item, the online shopping experience starts with search. The Semantic Search function of Bloomreach Discovery delivers accurate search results to help improve conversion by using natural language processing, advanced attribute extraction, and past visitor behavior to surface the most relevant products for visitors. 

With Bloomreach Discovery, Albertsons could continuously leverage artificial intelligence to offer more accurate search results to customers and in turn offer a more personalized experience with its brand.

The Results

In addition to delighting customers with personalized search results, Albertsons could now offer product recommendations that were powered by Bloomreach algorithms. 

This resulted in a massive impact for Albertsons as basket-building speed increased by over 25% after implementing Bloomreach Discovery. That clearly shows that customers were able to find the items they needed from Albertsons faster.