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Grâce à une alternative aux A/B tests, basée sur l’IA, bimago augmente de 44 % le taux de conversion sur site


L'histoire de la marque

bimago  is a booming brand in the interior decoration sector with many years of experience. Since 2004, the company has been supporting its clients to create sumptuous interiors. Bimago online store offers wall paintings, canvas prints, art reproductions, hand painted pieces, paint by numbers kits, scratch cards, posters, screens, household linens and more than 22,000 other products. With this plethora of offerings, bimago allows its customers to find decorations suited to their needs.

Hausse de 44 % du taux de conversion des inscriptions sur bannière publicitaire avec la personnalisation contextuelle dont les résultats sont comparés à ceux d'un test A/B normal.


Customer desires for personalized experiences in the  ecommerce industry  are increasing day by day and marketers across the world are invariably relying on A/B testing to fulfill these desires.

That said, A/B testing offers limited prospects for optimizing the conversion rate. Only  one in eight tests results in significant change  and only  33% of specialists regularly use A/B testing or multivariate testing.  Many organizations do not have the adequate marketing technology to consistently deploy these tests.

But, as bimago has learned, A/B testing doesn’t take into account the preferences of certain segments, leading to missed opportunities to boost revenue. A/B testing allows you to understand what your audience prefers without always allowing them to view the part of the test that was chosen as preferred.

Bloomreach Engagement’s contextual personalization can  fill this gap and allow each individual customer to benefit from a personalized variation.

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Bloomreach Engagement ‘s contextual personalization relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning (rather than predefined rules) to choose what to present to customers. Up to 10 different variations can be presented.

Contextual personalization selects the best variation of a banner, product recommendation or other personalization feature for each customer. For this purpose, the context of each visitor is analyzed. Including the device the customer is using, time of day, customer history and brand affinity.

The feature automatically selects the best variation for each customer by combining customer historical context (clicks, purchases, campaigns, customer properties, etc.) and session context (behavior in the current session, search parameters, etc.).

With A/B testing, if 70% of your audience prefers variation A and 30% prefers variation B, the entire audience is presented with variation A. So 30% of your audience is unhappy and wants variation B With contextual personalization, if the distribution is the same, 100% of customers are assigned the variant they prefer.

Contextual personalization learns what works for your brand and, based on this knowledge, offers the best variation to each customer who uses the personalization function on your website. It continually learns and improves because context and customer preferences can change over time.

“Contextual personalization allowed us to show the best possible personalized registration banner to each customer. This leads to a better experience with our brand, which is why we adopted Bloomreach Engagement.”


Ewelina Krajewska

Directrice fidélisation et automatisation, bimago


bimago, a  Bloomreach Engagement user  since January 2020, deployed contextual personalization to see the difference in customer conversion rates when they are assigned the variant of their choice. The difference is significant.

When tested on a  banner ad , the signup conversion rate increased by 44% for customers who saw the personalized banner using contextual personalization, compared to customers who saw the A/B testing variation. Other possible cases of contextual personalization on advertising banners include free delivery, a 10% reduction on first purchases, a €5 reduction or even a free gift from your brand.

Matching the right variant to each customer makes a big difference to bimago and it can also make a difference to your business. To learn more about Bloomreach Engagement and what the solution can do for your brand,  schedule a personalized demo today.

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