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Hippo’s Content Integration – Built For The Enterprise

From multi-site management and the ability to personalize and deliver content in any language, Hippo CMS is Open Source Java Software built for the most demanding content management and delivery requirements.   Businesses can use Hippo CMS to manage Web content in any format – to any channel in any language.  And now, they can easily integrated to other enterprise applications to pull the content when and where they need it.   

Like all of Hippo’s products, the Content Integration Connectors are all based on Open Source and Open Standards – and connect to enterprise content repositories through standard protocols including web services.

Hippo’s content integration connectors are pre-built and ready to be implemented into your Hippo CMS and connect to your enterprise content.   Hippo already has connectors for:

  • Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS) Server 
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Nuxeo (update – online demo available)
  • Alfresco
  • Liferay
  • JDBC databases
  • REST & CMIS, JSR-170

Jeroen Verberg, CEO of Hippo commented on these connectors, saying “enterprises today need much more control over how and when content gets moved from the Web site,and back into the organization.  Hippo’s integrated content connectors helps organizations to achieve this control – without overlapping technologies or making end-users learn a whole new tool.”

These important integrations are giving businesses the ability to have much more control over how content gets moved and managed from their Web content properties and back into the organization. 

Hippo’s CTO Arje Cahn agreed – saying “the difference between ECM and WCM are beginning to blur a little.  Content meant for the web can often come from deep within the enterprise – and vice versa.    The ability for our enterprise WCM to integrate quickly and easily into ECM and other enterprise back-office software is extraordinarily important.   At Hippo we’re fast growing and fast to adapt.  So we’re pleased that we can add all these connectors in as quickly as we have. “

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