Serve Up Five-Star Customer Experiences

Transform fleeting visitors into devoted patrons by crafting tailor-made experiences that leave a lasting impression. Let Bloomreach be your secret sauce! From personalized promotions to advanced communication and upsell strategies, we offer the tools you need to enhance customer experiences and drive revenue growth.
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Elevate Your In-Person Dining Experience With Bloomreach

If you want to deliver truly personalized customer experiences, you’ll need data — lots of it. With Bloomreach Engagement, you get access to a powerful solution that helps you better manage your data so you can properly contextualize and adapt to what customers want from restaurants.

At every step of the customer journey, Bloomreach enables you to reach customers at critical moments, drive more bookings, and ultimately, improve retention, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

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Individualized Offers

Meet the demand for personalised interactions with tailored offers and experiences for each customer.

Direct Bookings

Capitalize on the opportunity to drive direct bookings with personalised experiences driven by customer data signals.

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Loyalty customer offer notification

Repeat Business

Target customers overdue for a visit and drive loyalty with relevant offers through Bloomreach Engagement’s advanced segmentation.

Data Capture Techniques

Utilize techniques like Wi-Fi login, feedback surveys, booking and event waitlists, and staff promotion loyalty programs to enhance in-person dining experiences and gather valuable customer insights.

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An example of Bloomreach Experience being used

Restaurant Journeys

Manage the entire customer journey, from welcome communication to post-venue feedback, to offline in-venue experience with online engagement using Bloomreach Engagement’s workflow capabilities.

Referral Marketing

Encourage guests to refer friends and reward them with vouchers, fostering word-of-mouth marketing.

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Learn How Restaurant and Hospitality Businesses Dish Out Personalization With Bloomreach

Bloomreach Engagement’s solutions enable personalised experiences across the dining lifecycle. From predictions and segments to activation across messaging channels, we help you drive incremental revenue, enhance customer loyalty, and provide exceptional dining experiences.

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Customer Engagement

Stay top of mind with newsletters, marketing emails, and occasion-based promotions tailored to customer preferences.

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Upsell Opportunities
Seize upselling opportunities in real time by reacting immediately after a customer takes an action, resulting in greater revenue per visitor.
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Limited Time Specials

Create urgency with limited-time specials to drive bookings and provide unique experiences.

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Latest in AI & LLM for Marketing
Loomi, Bloomreach’s powerful AI that’s optimized for profitable online growth, helps restaurants identify key customer segments and collect valuable data that drive business decisions.
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Omnichannel, Including Offline & App
Our omnichannel orchestration helps businesses seamlessly connect their app with email, SMS, web, and more, so they can work on long-term customer engagement to build loyalty and increase CLTV.
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Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs

Integrations with ad platforms allow your business to effectively find new highly engaged audiences while decreasing CAC and CPC.

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Learn How Commerce Companies Across The World Use Bloomreach

Ready to discover how Bloomreach can help your business with your challenges?

There’s a reason we’re trusted by 850+ customers worldwide. Find out today how Bloomreach can help you achieve your desired business outcomes too. Leave us a contact and an advisor will reach out to understand your requirements and schedule a time that suits you!

Connect the Data Across Your Restaurant Tech Stack With Our Partners

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