Create the Most Personalized Commerce Experiences With Bloomreach and Twilio

Twilio and Bloomreach offer a powerful combination for marketers. By pairing one of the strongest customer data platforms and an omnichannel orchestration tool fueled by Loomi AI, marketing teams can unlock more ways to effectively create personalized experiences through various activation channels.


Twilio Segment + Bloomreach Engagement: Limitless Omnichannel Personalization

Provide your customers with the best experience using Twilio Segment and Bloomreach Engagement. With these solutions, you have limitless possibilities to provide your customers with truly personalized experiences on every channel.

Limitless Personalization

Best-in-Class Enterprise-Scale Marketing Automation and CDP

Provide your teams with best-in-class solutions that give them the flexibility they need to scale up. Plus, they get access to Loomi AI, the only AI purpose-built for commerce to create personalized omnichannel experiences that meet consumer expectations and drive results.

Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level With Bloomreach Engagement and Twilio

Bloomreach is excited to announce two native Twilio integrations (Twilio SMS and Twilio Email) for Bloomreach Engagement. Now Twilio customers can continue to send through Twilio while leveraging the power of Bloomreach Engagement to create limitless personalization across all channels for every customer.

Access Loomi

Loomi AI is purpose-built for ecommerce, making it easy to create personalized omnichannel experiences that meet consumer expectations and drive results.

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Future-Proof Your Omnichannel Marketing

Give Your Marketers More Control

Reach Customers in More Channels

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