Each Generation of Students Brings New Expectations

Education leaders are transforming to meet students, faculty, and prospective students where they are - online and on the go. As the classroom becomes more digitized, learning is not only expected to be online and mobile-friendly, but on-demand, self-paced, collaborative and adaptive to the individual.

Flexibility and scalability are paramount to keeping up with student demands. Personalized, measured learning requires a foundation of connected data and content that can easily adapt to any new touchpoint and technology.

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) enables higher education institutions to create this foundation. A microservices based Content Management System, brXM makes it easy to use integrated data to present each student with the right content at the right time - on any site, channel or device.

Top Features for Higher Education

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Intuitive editing and publishing tools make it simple to keep content consistent and up to date across every device and touchpoint, including social channels.

Multilingual Management

Easily manage sites in multiple languages and share content and data between them.


Custom user roles, scheduled publishing, project workflow, multi-lingual support, versioning and rollback provide enterprise efficiency.

High Performance Delivery

Support Connected Campus initiatives with fast content delivery and Cloud deployment options.

APIs & Microservices

A flexible architecture integrates with legacy and future technologies. Experiment quickly with new touchpoints, connect underlying data, and avoid technology lock-in.


Flexible content delivery puts you in full control of how your content can be seen, allowing you to adhere to standard and unique accessibility guidelines.

Research and Insights

How to Implement a CMS - Fast

A guide with tangible steps and advice from our customers, implementation partners, services consultants, and engineers.


BloomReach Architecture Overview

Agility and Flexibility for the Digital Experience Ecosystem


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