Drive Revenue With Optimized Category Pages

Category pages are like a stage for your brand. Bloomreach gives you the data-driven insights, easy tools, and configurable ranking algorithms to shine the spotlight exactly where you want it.

Optimizing your category pages to drive more revenue for your strategy

Put Merchandising Insights Into Action

Bloomreach automatically surfaces the best opportunities to increase revenue via improvements on category pages and within category navigation. Stop digging for insights and get straight to making an impact.

Made for Top-performing Teams

Let best-in-class AI handle the long tail while you use easily configured business tools to make each category page match your business strategy.

AI-driven Reporting and Tools to Give Busy Merchandisers an Assist

Take control of driving success with your category pages in less time and with less effort.

Bloomreach’s out-of-the-box reports keep you up to date on which category pages you should optimize first, based on which ones have the most potential for revenue generation.

Build on top of Bloomreach’s revenue-driven ranking algorithm and refine it for your goals. Adapt your ranking strategy by soft-boosting products based on details like available inventory, style, and more. Or, used slot-based merchandising to pin key products exactly where you want them, while AI continues optimizing the grid around them.

Use data to get ahead, instead of your gut. For every merchandising action you take, you can run an A/B test to ensure that it’s the right move for your business.

Surface insights on how users are navigating to and from category pages. Drive more cross-category exploration with targeted product recommendations to show adjacent products across your catalog.

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