Bloomreach Experience Manager and Single Page Applications

Duration: 60 minutes
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In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The emergence of SPA solutions, their forecasted impact on the industry, and the benefits and shortcomings of traditional models.
  • The key Digital Experience Management challenges that organizations face in SPA environments and how to tackle them.
  • How BloomReach Experience can help you bridge the gap between Digital Experience Management and Single Page Applications.

Creating an impactful customer experience – one that meets the expectations of today’s consumers – requires control over content, as well as its placement and presentation. Single Page Applications (SPAs) can provide a significant value to organizations that aim to create impactful digital experiences, with gains in performance and development speed. The challenge here is that most CMS do not extend to SPA environments, limiting the marketers’ control over digital customer experience management.

To help organizations like yours to solve this issue, we invited a panel of experts including Digital Clarity Group Co-founder, Cathy McKnight, BloomReach Experience CTO, Arjé Cahn, and Authentic CEO, David Roe for an inspired conversation around digital experience management in SPA environments.

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