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WCM Has Evolved – And So Has Hippo! New Hippo CMS 7.7 Empowers Both Managers And Audiences To Create Contextualized Online Experiences

Analyst firm Gartner has been releasing research and thought leadership about Context Aware Computing for a few years, and they estimate that “by 2012, the typical Global 2000 company will be managing between two and 10 business relationships with context providers.”Further Gartner predicts that “ by 2015, context will be as influential in mobile consumer services and relationships as search engines are to the Web.”
This idea of context is at the core of what is shifting Web Content Management and consumer expectations. Today WCM solutions must go beyond delivering solutions that help a manager DELIVER a web experience — but also deliver one that helps both managers and their audiences CREATE and CONSUME content in an experience of their own making. This is context aware content management.
“For WCM solution providers, ‘context aware’ goes well beyond managing web experiences and personalization,” said Jeroen Verberg, CEO of Hippo. “It digs deep into how we will enable our clients to open their repositories so that things like location, environmental data, history, social attributes and even real-time online behavior can be utilized to deliver a more relevant, contextual experience. At Hippo we believe that this philosophy applies to both the managers of the content and the audiences the managers are empowering to consume their content through whatever method they choose.”

Hippo CMS 7.7 is the first true step toward an Open Source content management solution delivering context aware content management. It enables users to easily manage content across multiple channels and delivery platforms – and delivers personalized, device-aware, location-aware and even interface-aware content. 

  • Global Brand Content Management – Using Hippo’s Multi-Channel manager organizations now have an extraordinarily easy way to add, edit and manage new content channels and sub-channels for managing context. This includes channels for language, device, marketing campaigns, or any other strategy the organizations wants to create.
  • Content & Marketing Insight – Hippo’s new extensible reporting dashboard provides marketers with the insight they need to deliver continued Web experience management success.
  • Contextual Content Delivery – Hippo continues to lead the way in delivering content appropriate for the channel. Hippo CMS 7.7 can automatically deliver optimized interfaces across multiple content channels – whether that be iPhone, iPad, Android, Web or even social channels.
  • Content As An Open Service – Hippo CMS 7.7 continues to be focused on Open Standards and Open Source models. Customers can utilize the standards based content storage within Hippo CMS and utilize both contextual delivery models and contextual content management models – meaning that the same content repository can be accessed by multiple ways to both deliver AND manage the content.

Examples of the power and benefits of Hippo CMS to organizations range from government organizations to global brands. For example The Dutch National government was able to reduce the complexity and expense of their CMS footprint from 13 websites and multiple CMS systems to one, enterprise implementation of Hippo CMS. Global publisher Incisive Media was able to easily migrate 260,000 existing articles from multiple online magazines, integrate with Autonomy Search and Quark DMS to provide a central online content management and delivery system. And the Dutch Libraries were able to deploy a completely open “content service” (perfect for a library) that allows video, social media interaction and even storage for User Generated content. This means that each library can not only deliver the full range of content to their audiences contextually across mobile, social and web platforms – but they can also manage the content from just about any type of input mechanism channel they choose.
Arje Cahn, CTO of Hippo, said “Hippo CMS 7.7 is designed to drive the best of both worlds. In the past, CMS editing interfaces and the target site were almost two disconnected worlds. In Hippo CMS 7.7 they live together in a single, unified interface. So, the architectural separation between presentation and content is still there – but its now visually integrated. This makes the system much easier to comprehend and use for end-users.”

Hippo has scheduled a webinar for those who are interested in getting started with Hippo 7.7 DATE: 7 februari 2012, 17.00-18.00 CEST.

About Hippo
Hippo sets the standard for how organizations can empower their audience to engage with content. Hippo CMS powers some of the largest and most visited Web properties in the world and is the first Web Content Management solution to deliver context-aware content for its customers. Hippo’s broad capabilities enable both marketers and technology teams to build world-class content delivery platforms. Featuring an enterprise-class development environment and powerful, yet intuitive editing capabilities, Hippo CMS enables a true, open and context-aware content strategy. Hundreds of both public and private organizations use Hippo’s content platform to manage and deliver thousands of web properties including Autodesk, Dolce & Gabbana, The University of Amsterdam, Thomson/Reuters & The Government of the Netherlands.

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