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Hippo cms clients score high in “Top 100 Online Findability” research

This is the conclusion of the research work of iProspec. Since 2006, IProspect investigates every year what websites are the most findable via search engines.

The ANWB website is powered by the Hippo CMS.  Additionally, the second place Web site of the “Top 100 Online Findability” is the website of the Ministry of General Affairs (,  and it too is powered with Hippo CMS.

 iProspect research
Media agency iProspect (which used to be the Search Engine Media agency Checkit) investigates the online find ability of the 100 largest advertisers in the Netherlands.
The research consists of measuring the reach of organizations through search engines. The results of the research are presented in percentages of the reached target groups of the measured organizations.

ANWB  good findable via search engines
ANWB reaches 86 % of its target groups through search engines, being the only online advertiser who reaches more than 80% of her target audience with the use of search engines.  The Ministry of General Affairs reaches 64% of its target audience through online search.

“ANWB gives a lot of attention to online findability by search engines. This goes way beyond buying Adwords. For instance, readable URLs with keywords influence search results.  Hippo CMS gives editors the possibilities to choose their URL themselves. Also external linking, metadata, good performance of the website and off course good content are part of our SEO-strategy.”, explains Adriaan de Jonge  of ANWB.

High SEO score with Hippo CMS
This was not the first prize won by clients using Hippo CMS. It turned out that websites developed with Hippo CMS score highly on Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO).

Research from Edwin Meijer (from Bratpack internetservices) to the success of raise funding institutions to attract visitors to their websites showed that  the website of the Nierstichting (Kidney Foundation), developed with Hippo CMS, also is very well findable.

This was exactly the reason for the Nierstichting to opt for Hippo CMS.  Jeroen Verberg, CEO at Hippo: “From 2003 onwards Hippo is focusing on search engine optimization. Therefore it is not surprising that Hippo scores so high in this field."

Hippo generates these good results in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) among others by making use of Meta word, URLs with key words and the use of links to and from other relevant website.

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