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Voyo Croatia Gets 500% Initial ROI on Bloomreach Engagement


Story Behind the Brand

Voyo is a European paid video-on-demand service that launched in 2011 as a free archive of programs produced by every national TV channel owned by Central European Media Enterprises. Voyo Croatia has evolved into a paid service modeled after Netflix since its inception.

open rate on first 4 million emails sent to subscribers
initial ROI on Bloomreach Engagement in first 6 months
implementation time of Bloomreach Engagement


There’s nothing more frustrating as a marketer than knowing exactly what you want to do but not having the technology or support in place to make that idea a reality. The gap between vision and execution can be daunting and can lead to missed opportunities, stagnant growth, and unnecessary stress. Voyo Croatia found itself facing several of these very issues. 

Despite having a clear marketing strategy, the company was continuously hampered by persistent issues with its existing marketing technology. After having problems with glitches, platform constraints, and a lack of customer support, Voyo Croatia knew it needed to move past its marketing limitations and begin working with a partner that would allow it to offer limitless marketing to its loyal customers.

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Bloomreach Engagement — powered by Loomi AI — has proven to be the perfect partner to help Voyo Croatia rise above these issues and connect with customers at every step of the customer journey. 

After switching from its previous provider, Voyo Croatia was able to get up and running with Bloomreach Engagement in just one month. Voyo Croatia is now using the power of Loomi AI to power a seamless ecommerce experience across all of its channels in real time for an active subscriber base of over 100,000 customers.  

Voyo Croatia partnered with Webscale to get up and running with Bloomreach Engagement. Webscale assisted with the initial setup of Bloomreach Engagement and helped craft an initial strategy, plans, and ideas to execute with the platform.

Since then, the company has activated three different types of marketing automation campaigns: an email warm-up campaign, a customer win-back campaign for customers who churned, and customer surveys.

While warming up its email domain, Voyo Croatia had about 30,000 customers respond to its emails out of 150,000 total customers. Those customers were segmented into an active customer base that has grown to over 100,000 customers in just six months. 

For its win-back campaign, Voyo Croatia set up scenarios for a customer cancellation flow that targeted involuntary churn first. 

Upon cancellation, a customer would receive a personalized selection of the most-watched content in their favorite genre. If they don’t reactivate, they’ll receive a personalized email featuring the top 10 content picks in their preferred category. 

Voyo Croatia then sent out surveys to gather valuable insights that the team could use to further optimize and refine its marketing campaigns.

Bloomreach Engagement is incredibly stable. We’ve never had any glitches. I’ve had providers during my career where on average two times per month we would have a major crisis — it was a big issue. That never happens with Bloomreach.


Hrvoje Odak

Head of CRM and Customer Experience, Call Centre Manager, Voyo


The combination of these AI-driven campaigns has driven incredible results for Voyo Croatia. 

In its first six months of using Bloomreach Engagement, Voyo Croatia sent approximately four million emails with an average email open rate of 58.7%. This was a significant increase in open rate compared to  email marketing campaigns with its previous provider.  

The brand saw impressive engagement with its win-back campaigns as well — the personalized emails had a 38% open rate and a 2.53% click-through rate. 

As for the surveys, Odak said they received “a great response” from customers with helpful insights, including that 72% of customers found Voyo Croatia through television ads. 

In total, Voyo Croatia achieved a 500% initial return on investment with these campaigns after just six months of sending marketing communications. What’s more, these results will only grow as Voyo Croatia takes advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities it didn’t have with its previous provider. 

“The open rates and results have been amazing,” Odak said. “The highest we have ever seen.”

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