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Kondela's Online/Offline Strategy Results in 24.5% Conversion Rate

Kondela is a furniture retailer that has been operating in central Europe for over 30 years. The company has a booming e-shop presence in addition to brick-and-mortar locations in several different countries across central Europe. Kondela provides its customers with a wide range of furniture, home products, and accessories while ensuring shopping is easy.

conversion rate for customers who clicked on personalized message containing their product list curated at a brick-and-mortar store

The Challenge

When facilitating large average order size purchases like furniture, home products, or other accessories, it is important for retailers to have in-store and e-commerce experiences that complement each other to stitch together their customers’ entire journey with their brand. 

For Kondela, its specific challenge was being able to collect customer data and insights (specifically an email address with consent) from brick-and-mortar store visitors that could be used for intuitive e-commerce personalization campaigns. That meant revamping in-store processes to collect key data points that could be used to lead customers back towards a purchase after they left the store. 

The Solution

At Kondela’s brick-and-mortar locations, visitors often come to explore the ranges of different products that the retailer offers. In the furniture business, many customers want to touch and feel a variety of different products prior to making a purchase. 

Thanks to an idea generated by trusted Bloomreach partner Voxwise, Kondela trained its sales attendants to not only help visitors navigate through a wide range of in-store products, but also to help curate a list of products that they liked during their visit that could be sent to them later on. 

The salesperson asks for each visitor’s email address so they can view the product list via their email later on. This allows for customers who abandoned a basket at Kondela’s brick-and-mortar stores to come back online and complete their purchase later on in a friction-free manner. 

Without a strategy like the aforementioned one in place, retailers are left with no data about their in-store visitors, having no chance to circle back around to a conversion point or a sale. Kondela has used its newly collected customer data to send personalized campaigns that recommend products on customers’ list to them via email. The company uses an email personalization strategy that includes personalizing the subject line, buyer’s name, and personalized product recommendations and sends that email to the customer who curated their list in-store and to a lookalike audience

Bloomreach Engagement helps companies connect offline to online so retailers like Kondela can understand the complete journey its customers are taking with its brand. Using collected customer data from an in-store experience allows retailers to have a full-funnel CRM strategy and stitch together the entire customer journey. 

The Results

The results of the new strategy have been very beneficial for Kondela. 

Thanks to Voxwise’s strategy and Bloomreach’s technology powering the execution, Kondela has achieved a 24.5% conversion rate on personalized messages that included customers’ curated product list that was created by Kondela’s salesperson in-store. 

Kondela is now collecting more data from in-store customers, using that data to power personalized marketing campaigns, and gaining critical insights on brick-and-mortar guests that it did not previously have access to prior to implementing Voxwise’s strategy.