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AI-driven site search and merchandising means more revenue for your business and a better experience for your customers. Get both with Bloomreach.

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Get ahead of the competition with the fastest ROI of any product discovery tool

Customers today expect more from buying groceries online.

Not only that, but consumer behavior is changing all the time. How do grocers get and stay ahead? 

Deliver a truly personalized shopping experience that gets your customers the products they’re searching for as fast as possible. This starts with AI-powered search and merchandising. Our intelligent search engine truly understands your customers with each search query and personalizes the experience with every browse. Our results are optimized for Revenue Per Visit (RPV) – meaning you see better revenue for every visit, including from just the browsers. 

Help your customers fill their baskets faster while you see revenue lift from day one. 

We’re built for grocery.

Building search from scratch isn’t fast enough. Get a headstart with the decade of search learnings we pass on to you. You’ll see revenue per visit optimized at the query level and buying patterns learned from our vast customer dataset.

Stay ahead of the competition by starting with a better foundation. Not only that, but we’ve baked solutions for retail grocery’s unique challenges directly into our platform. 

Real-Time Personalization

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Adapt your search results based on the neighborhood or store your customer shops in – account for demographics, regional tastes, dietary preferences, and more!

User-Based Recommendations

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Increase your average order value (AOV) with personalized recommendations, like recently viewed and previously purchased items. 

Best-in-Class Semantic Understanding

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Serve up more relevant results with semantic understanding that can understand customer intent for “milk chocolate” vs. “chocolate milk”.

SKU-level Intelligence

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Promote in-stock products by automatically reranking them using SKU-level intelligence


We’re a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery!

Your team will love us too.

Bloomreach merchandising is the perfect blend of machine learning and merchandiser control. Start your teams with a better baseline driven by AI-powered intelligence and automation. Then, give them easy-to-use tools to manually curate and optimize for your business.

Intelligent insights

Empower your merchandising teams to make faster, smarter decisions with analytics designed for them. Cut down on decision time with intelligent insights that surface the best opportunities to improve revenue.

User-friendly dashboard

Our user-friendly visual editor allows merchandisers to see exactly which results appear for each query. Find performance data, like conversion rate, ATC, and RPV for every product in the grid.

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