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MALL.CZ’s Astounding Personalized Video Campaign with Bloomreach Engagement

MALL GROUP, a Bloomreach customer since 2018, is a leading ecommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe that distributed 9.4 million orders in 2019. MALL.CZ is one of its leading general e-shops in the Czech Republic. 

the percentage increase of products purchased in the MALL.CZ shopping gallery by users who saw the personalized video campaign compared to others who saw a non-personalized offer.
increase in email click-through-rate by users who saw the personalized video campaign compared to others who saw a non-personalized offer.

The Challenge

MALL.CZ wanted to create a personalized video campaign to target computer gamers with a series of products online. 

The second season of MALL.TV’s “Life is a Game” series was used as the basis for a humorous video that pushed key products to a key target audience. 

But how could MALL.CZ distribute the personalized content so its customers effectively?





The Solution

MALL.CZ’s personalized video campaign sent 20,000 personalized videos to a specific target audience with the help of Bloomreach Engagement, which played the part of technical enablement with the data flow. How? Webhooks and API. 

Webhooks enable custom integrations with APIs outside of Bloomreach, allowing data to be sent to or brought in from a third party. Bloomreach API on the other hand allows the third party to send useful data to Bloomreach to be used for the benefit of your company.

Via webhook, Bloomreach sent data to the Motionlab video server to help create the personalized videos. Motionlab created the videos and sent them back to Bloomreach for distribution via a Bloomreach Engagement email campaign.

The Results

The results of the personalized video campaign were staggering. 

The email containing the personalized video recorded a click-through-rate of more than 11 times the control database to which personalized video communication was not sent. 

Users who were targeted by the video bought 701% more worth of products in the MALL.CZ shopping gallery compared to others who saw the same offer in a different manner. 

The video campaign was not only successful monetarily as it also boosted brand awareness and positioned MALL.CZ’s brand image in a way that could not have been imagined prior to the campaign beginning.

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