7 Ecommerce Case Studies To Inspire You

Busra Sahin
Busra Sahin

In the highly competitive world of digital commerce, relevancy needs to be a top priority. 

If you’re not consistently meeting consumer expectations, they won’t hesitate to move on to a competitor. Online businesses must constantly be aware of ways to keep customers engaged and coming back.

That’s why we’ve pulled together the following seven real-world ecommerce case studies to help you get more customers, boost customer loyalty, and increase revenue.

The Vitamin Shoppe Boosts Add-to-Cart Rate With Smarter Search

The Vitamin Shoppe improves its marketing strategy with Bloomreach

Business challenge:

The Vitamin Shoppe® is a global specialty retailer and wellness lifestyle company with the mission of providing customers with the most trusted products, guidance, and services to support them on their journeys of lifelong wellness.

The Vitamin Shoppe saw its best revenue data in its search performance, with customers who searched for a specific, desired product on the website finding exactly what they needed. But there was room for growth in its category performance metrics. Customers who were not sure of the exact product they wanted often landed on the category page and browsed products to see which ones fit their specific needs. 

For an in-store customer unsure of what they are looking for, a Health Enthusiast would provide assistance by learning more about the customer and recommending a relevant product. Prior to implementing Bloomreach, The Vitamin Shoppe did not have an intuitive ecommerce platform it was confident could fill in for the Health Enthusiast.


To tackle this challenge, The Vitamin Shoppe implemented Bloomreach Discovery to optimize category pages that convert more site visitors who are learning and browsing for products. 

With Bloomreach Discovery, The Vitamin Shoppe saw an 11% increase in add-to-cart rate on category pages and a 2% increase in revenue per visitor (RPV) for users who started their journey in category pages. 

On search pages, The Vitamin Shoppe experienced a 7.73% increase in search add-to-cart rate, a 6.51% increase in search average order value (AOV), and a 5.69% increase in RPV — all within just two weeks of implementation.

These successes were made possible because of Loomi, Bloomreach’s AI built for ecommerce and backed by 14+ years of relevant industry data. Loomi can automatically optimize category pages, deliver personalized search results, and surface in-depth insights to inform new strategies. 

Thanks to the power of Loomi, The Vitamin Shoppe has been able to reach both potential customers and existing customers and help them on the path to achieving their wellness goals (as well as boosting online sales along the way). 

Explore Loomi, Bloomreach's AI for ecommerce

HD Supply Increases Search Revenue

HD Supply ecommerce case study with Bloomreach

Business challenge:

HD Supply needed to rethink its entire digital strategy. The multi-billion dollar company knew it wasn’t innovating at a fast enough rate. It needed a solution that would allow it to serve its customers in the new digital world.

After conducting some internal research, the ecommerce team realized that buyers wanted to be able to make a purchase quickly and reliably. HD Supply had to be able to facilitate its customers finding the right products fast and ensure that they could order them efficiently and go about their everyday business. 

HD Supply set out to make its buying experience a more optimal one, specifically looking to improve its add-to-cart feature. 


HD Supply wanted to use as much technology out-of-the-box as possible to avoid heavy customization further down the line. That’s why the brand turned to Bloomreach Discovery to open up limitless options with its search bars and merchandising strategies. 

Understanding that HD Supply customers want to complete purchases fast, HD Supply revamped its site search experience and added the ability to “add to cart” directly from the search bar.

Customers now see the product image, part number, price, and an option to add the product to their cart all directly in the search bar. 

HD Supply desired to have technology to reduce some of the workload on its team. It now relies on the Bloomreach algorithm — powered by Loomi — to drive the majority of search results.

With these changes in search, HD Supply experienced a 16% increase in revenue from search on its ecommerce website. This was the result of Loomi at work.

boohooMAN Increases ROI With Personalized SMS Campaigns

boohooMAN ecommerce case study with Bloomreach

Business challenge:

The Boohoo Group PLC has a portfolio of 13 market-leading ecommerce brands that use Bloomreach Engagement — including boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, Debenhams, and boohooMAN — to bring fashion, shoes, accessories, beauty, and homeware to millions of customers across the globe. 

While SMS marketing has proven to be a successful marketing tactic for many businesses, boohooMAN was experiencing some frustrations when it first began sending SMS campaigns to customers. 

With its previous SMS campaign solution, boohooMAN used SMS mostly as a one-off channel on big shopping days such as Black Friday. Its SMS campaigns sent non-personalized messages to unsegmented customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland to showcase big offers. 

These communications were sent to largely inactive customers and the return on investment was subpar (never better than 2x on any given occasion), as boohooMAN’s former SMS solution did not have the same targeting capabilities as Bloomreach Engagement.


Bloomreach Engagement turned boohooMAN’s SMS campaigns challenge into a success worth celebrating. 

Rather than using SMS campaigns as a one-off, boohooMAN incorporated SMS into its omnichannel strategy and is now sending personalized campaigns to segmented audiences. The company tapped into the wave of the future with these campaigns, using the combination of Bloomreach’s powerful customer data engine and Loomi to craft SMS campaigns that meet customers where they are in the customer lifecycle

Overall, boohooMAN has generated a 5x overall return on investment with SMS since adopting Bloomreach Engagement for these campaigns. 

With its birthday campaign flow specifically targeting customers who aren’t opted in for email communications, boohooMAN has generated a 25x return on investment. 

On Black Friday, the brand earned a 7x ROI after being more strategic about its messaging, personalization, and segmentation with customers located in the United Kingdom — a boost that shows just how impactful Bloomreach can be in driving customer engagement.  

My Jewellery Personalizes the Customer Experience With Zero-Party Data

My Jewellery ecommerce case study with Bloomreach

Business challenge:

As consumers have become increasingly concerned about data protection, ecommerce brands everywhere are becoming cautious about data collection. This includes My Jewellery, a clothing and jewelry retailer based in The Netherlands. 

My Jewellery wanted to optimize the customer experience it was giving its loyal customers while respecting their personal data privacy. The best way to do this? Embrace the zero-party data movement.


My Jewellery used Bloomreach Engagement to create a fun method for collecting zero-party data that’s both entertaining to its customer base and respectful to data privacy. 

With “the style profile test,” My Jewellery has upgraded customer personalization, increased customer service, and curbed the need for risk taking in data collection. The style profile test is a game that optimizes the customer experience without invading privacy simply by letting customers decide whether or not they like an item that is being shown to them. 

My Jewellery’s items are shown sequentially and customers make a decision on each item presented by simply clicking on the heart or X to signify their decision. After a decision is made, My Jewellery is able to offer customers a personal style profile filled with items that individual customers will like based on communicated preferences. 

After a customer provides an email address, the results of the test are calculated and the customer is provided with a personalized style profile.

Best of all? The test was a great success. For emails that were personalized with style profile data, the open rate was around 20% higher than a typical email campaign. This shows the value of going the extra mile with creativity in data collection methods.

MALL.CZ’s Astounding Personalized Video Campaign

 Business challenge:

MALL GROUP, a Bloomreach customer since 2018, is a leading ecommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe that distributed 9.4 million orders in 2019. MALL.CZ is one of its leading general online stores in the Czech Republic.

MALL.CZ wanted to create a personalized video campaign to target computer gamers with a series of products online. 

The second season of MALL.TV’s “Life is a Game” series was used as the basis for a humorous video that pushed key products to a key target audience. 

But how could MALL.CZ distribute the personalized content to its customers effectively?


MALL.CZ’s personalized video campaign sent 20,000 personalized videos to a specific target audience with the help of Bloomreach Engagement, which played the part of technical enablement with the data flow through webhooks and API. 

Webhooks enable custom integrations with APIs outside of Bloomreach, allowing data to be sent to or brought in from a third party. Bloomreach API, on the other hand, allows the third party to send useful data to Bloomreach to be used for the benefit of your company.

Bloomreach sent data via webhook to the Motionlab video server to help create the personalized videos. Motionlab created the videos and sent them back to Bloomreach for distribution via a Bloomreach Engagement email campaign.

The results of the personalized video campaign were staggering. 

The email containing the personalized video recorded a click-through rate of more than 11x the control audience (who did not receive personalized videos). 

Users who were targeted by the video bought 701% more worth of products in the MALL.CZ shopping gallery compared to others who saw the same offer in a different manner. 

The video campaign showcased how Bloomreach Engagement can unlock limitless possibilities for marketers. Not only was the campaign a financial success, but it also boosted brand awareness and improved MALL.CZ’s overall brand image.

Bosch Wins With Headless Commerce

Bosch ecommerce case study for Bloomreach

Business challenge:

The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. 

As Amazon drives industry trends, it’s essential that B2B brands like Bosch don’t fall behind. 

With Bosch Power Tools operating multiple global sites, the organization understood that its customers inherently expect the same tailored digital experience. This was the business unit’s main challenge — creating multiple unique experiences at the country level, while promoting and aligning holistic experiences globally.


Bosch Power Tools created an infrastructure and baseline of technology systems and processes for all corners of its organization to follow. It wasn’t about taking control — it was actually about helping to accelerate the organization regardless of the country or region.

This led Bosch to headless commerce and Bloomreach Content. Headless commerce differentiates from traditional commerce and CMS systems by untethering the back end and front end from each other. Using a headless approach and leveraging Bloomreach Content enables Bosch to replace its front-end system without bringing operations to a halt, thereby maximizing efficiencies.

Bosch is now able to build features on a global scale to accelerate the organization’s initiatives while delivering a highly personalized experience country to country. 

Bosch partners with Bloomreach and SAP. Bloomreach’s full suite of solutions seamlessly integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud and is part of SAP’s Industry Cloud Program, available on the SAP Store. This powerful combination empowers customers like Bosch to build personalized, relevant experiences that convert on any channel and every journey.

Topdanmark Embraces Digital Transformation

Business challenge:

Topdanmark is Denmark’s second-largest insurance company, with the principle task of managing people’s insurance and pension schemes while instilling trust in its customers.

Topdanmark faced challenges that many financial services companies run into, such as cumbersome legacy systems full of customer data and the need to create custom customer elements quickly. When deciding on a platform for their digital experience, Topdanmark was determined to find a solution that met three key criteria — continuous development of the product, an easier way to share content across multiple brands, and putting customer focus at the front and center of the online experience. 


Topdanmark wanted a platform that was constantly innovating with an active developer community, easy to integrate with other best-of-breed technologies, and the ability for its own developers to continuously optimize the experience. 

This meant that its shortlist was largely CMS platforms with an open architecture.

Flexibility was a driving factor for Topdanmark because it needed the freedom to prototype and test new customer features, including allowing customers to easily add on coverage to their primary insurance, which had become an important part of its online sales strategy. 

Topdanmark was looking for an experience platform that allowed this kind of rapid experimentation throughout the entire customer experience. Bloomreach Content fit the bill.

With Bloomreach Content, Topdanmark migrated 500 URLs in 13 two-week sprints and implemented a flexible content management system designed to be effective both now and in the future.

Achieve Your Victory With Bloomreach 

You too can achieve results as impressive as these ecommerce case studies. With Bloomreach’s solutions, you get an omnichannel marketing platform, ecommerce search and merchandising, and a headless CMS — all powered by Loomi, our commerce-specific AI. 

Ready to see Bloomreach in action for yourself? Schedule a personalized demo today to find out what Bloomreach can do for your business. 


Busra Sahin

Digital Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Busra is a Digital Marketing Manager specializing in web marketing, design, content marketing and SEO.                

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