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My Jewellery Gets Creative With Zero-Party Data and Pinterest Campaigns


Story Behind the Brand

My Jewellery is a clothing and jewelry retailer based in the Netherlands that stands out from its competition by doing things boldly, creatively, and passionately. Committed to offering affordable Dutch jewelry design that is accessible and wearable for everyone, the company keeps the creative process for its clothing, beauty, and lifestyle products entirely in house.

email open rate
increase in volume of matched checkouts on Pinterest
decrease in average cost per checkout on Pinterest


My Jewellery wanted to offer limitless experiences to its loyal customers while respecting their personal data privacy.

The best way to do this? Embrace the zero-party data movement and invest in the Pinterest API for Conversions to ensure visibility of conversions on a key marketing channel.

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My Jewellery used Bloomreach Engagement, powered by Loomi — Bloomreach’s AI for ecommerce — to become an industry leader in the zero-party data collection game and streamline its Pinterest marketing.

The company created an ingenious method for zero-party data collection that is both entertaining to its customer base and respectful to data privacy.

With “the style profile test,” My Jewellery has upgraded customer personalization, increased customer service, and curbed the need for risk-taking in data collection. The style profile test is a game that optimizes the customer experience without invading privacy simply by letting customers decide whether or not they like an item that is being shown to them.

My Jewellery’s items are shown sequentially and customers make a decision on each item presented by simply clicking on the heart or X to signify their decision. After a decision is made, My Jewellery is able to offer customers a personal style profile filled with items that individual customers will like based on communicated preferences.

After a customer provides an email address, the results of the test are calculated and the customer is provided with a personalized style profile.

With valued partner Yawiss providing consultation, My Jewellery also stayed ahead of industry changes with its Pinterest marketing campaigns by implementing the Pinterest API for Conversions via webhooks within Bloomreach Engagement. This allowed the company to optimize performance campaigns on Pinterest and to improve conversion visibility for its full-funnel strategy.

Bloomreach Engagement allows us to obtain a 360-degree view of our customers. As it is a customer-centric tool, we can easily collect and store customers’ information (GDPR-proof, of course!). This allows us to personalize our marketing campaigns and apply more targeted marketing in an easy manner. Thanks to Bloomreach, we can now offer a personalized experience across all touchpoints.


Manon van Rijsbergen

Email Marketing Coordinator, My Jewellery


Statistics have shown the style profile test to be profitable. For emails that were personalized with style profile data, the open rate was around 55% higher than a typical email campaign. This shows the value of going the extra mile with the creativity in data collection methods.

After the implementation of the Pinterest API for Conversions, My Jewellery has seen a 30% increase in the volume of matched checkouts and a 19% decrease in checkout CPA after implementation.

“Pinterest is an important part of our marketing strategy as it allows us to focus on a full-funnel approach of inspiring people about fashion trends and outfit inspiration,” said Julia Zentjes, Social Advertising Coordinator at My Jewellery. “It’s exciting to see that the implementation of the Pinterest API for Conversions resulted in such positive results and increased conversion visibility.”


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To learn more about My Jewellery’s success with zero-party data, check out our customer success story on our Bloomreach Blog.

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