How To Achieve Customer Centricity With Bloomreach and Voxwise

Milan Schnorrer
Milan Schnorrer

As businesses continue to digitize and ecommerce grows, companies investing in data-powered customer centricity will be the winners of the future. Small traditional retailers have always known that building a relationship with customers is the key to success. Meanwhile, as retailers grow over time, they often end up pushing products on the masses anonymously. But now, with the arrival of capable technology and the power of customer data, it’s possible to now recreate that customer-centric relationship building — at scale. Any commerce business can now deliver products and services to the masses while taking individual customers into account. Customer centricity is about relevancy. Relevancy means differentiation. And differentiation leads to success.

Customer centricity is the ability of people in an ecommerce organization to understand customers’ situations, perceptions, and expectations. Customer-centric organizations demand that the customer is at the center of all decisions related to commerce. This is important because it drives higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and can lead to sustainable growth. 

More specifically, customer centricity allows for:

  • Increased customer retention: Customer-centric businesses are more likely to retain customers and build long-term loyalty, resulting in higher customer lifetime value and increased profitability
  • Improved customer experience: By focusing on the needs and preferences of customers, businesses can create more seamless, enjoyable, and personalized experiences that foster customer satisfaction and advocacy
  • Competitive differentiation: In a crowded and competitive marketplace, businesses that prioritize customer centricity can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract and retain more customers
  • Better decision-making: By collecting and analyzing customer data, businesses can make informed decisions about how to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience

The customer-centric model is a winning approachBloomreach has consistently focused on customer centricity for over 10 years, and together with Voxwise as their strategic partner, we help end customers become customer-centric organizations that take the right steps to best understand their customers and act on that knowledge. 

Why Is Customer Centricity Important? 

Customer centricity is a business approach that prioritizes the needs and satisfaction of customers, placing them at the center of all decisions and operations. It involves understanding and anticipating the needs and preferences of customers, providing personalized experiences, and consistently delivering high-quality products or services. The key to personalization and customer centricity is good data and the right application of that data to execute use cases and generate insights. 

Customer centricity is a critical element for ecommerce businesses aiming to provide personalized experiences and maximize revenue. In today’s competitive landscape, where consumers have countless options at their fingertips, businesses must go above and beyond to meet customer expectations and stand out from the crowd. By adopting a customer-centric approach, ecommerce companies can build strong relationships with their customers, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

One of the key reasons customer centricity is crucial in the ecommerce space is that it enables businesses to deliver on the promises of ecommerce personalization. Today’s customers have high expectations for tailored interactions and customized solutions. By truly understanding their customers’ needs, preferences, and purchasing patterns, ecommerce businesses can curate personalized product recommendations, targeted marketing campaigns, and tailored promotions. This level of personalization not only enhances the customer experience, but also increases the likelihood of conversions and repeat purchases. When customers feel understood and valued, they are more likely to engage with a brand, make purchases, and become loyal advocates.

Customer centricity also empowers ecommerce businesses to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and investing in exceptional customer service, companies can create positive experiences that leave a lasting impression. In an era where word-of-mouth and online reviews heavily influence purchasing decisions, providing exceptional service and personalized experiences can lead to positive reviews, recommendations, and referrals, further expanding the customer base. Satisfied customers are not only more likely to return but also more likely to spread the word about their positive experiences, driving new customer acquisition and revenue growth.

A Look at Customer Centricity in Action 

Let’s take a practical example of one of our retailer clients to better understand why customer centricity is so important. In this specific case, the retailer’s typical customer makes an average of two purchases per year. 

In our example, we have two customers. Customer A made a purchase one week ago and customer B made a purchase five months ago. 

A traditional, product-centric company would blast a newsletter to both of these customers pushing products. A customer-centric company would approach this differently. 

Customer A, who purchased recently, would get a break from active marketing emails. That’s because the likelihood of another purchase is low, and the next purchase will likely not happen for another five months. The most suitable customer-centric marketing strategy is to work to make customer A have a strong positive image of the brand. 

On the other hand, customer B last purchased a while ago, so according to their shopping behavior, they’re likely to want to purchase from the retailer again and should be receiving marketing emails. The intended result? Customer A becomes more brand loyal and customer B converts. Customer A is not spammed and customer B is not forgotten about. 

This approach keeps customers active, happy, and more likely to convert. The bottom line is that the right approach is to respect customer purchase cycles, brand preferences, and personal situations. By doing that, you’ll sell the right product to the right customer at the right time. 

Using Customer Data To Achieve Customer Centricity

Before you can start down the path to customer centricity, though, you’ll first need to be able to tap into a powerful source of knowledge: your collected customer data. 

Having access to a single customer view and the right customer data management strategies allows ecommerce businesses to gather valuable customer insights. By leveraging data analytics and customer feedback, companies can gain a deep understanding of their customer’s behaviors, preferences, and pain points. This data-driven approach enables businesses to identify trends, make informed decisions, and refine their offerings to better cater to their target audience. With a thorough understanding of their customers’ needs, ecommerce businesses can optimize their product offerings, marketing strategies, and overall customer experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

By prioritizing the customer at every touchpoint, companies can create tailored interactions, foster customer loyalty, and build lasting relationships. Through the gathering and analysis of customer insights, businesses can continuously refine their strategies, improve their offerings, and deliver exceptional experiences. In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, customer centricity is not just a competitive advantage — it’s a prerequisite for success.

How Bloomreach and Voxwise Work Together 

How can you actually put your customer data to work to get on the road to achieving customer centricity? This is where the partnership of Bloomreach and Voxwise comes in. 

Voxwise has a powerful team to implement Bloomreach technologies with perfect data flows (where quality data flows directly into Bloomreach Engagement). We can then provide a CRM roadmap of how to take the most advantage of the power of Bloomreach. Our ability to map customer journeys and project impact on revenue with the right strategies can generate a 5-10% increase on overall revenue.

At Voxwise, we believe that with data, Bloomreach technology, and our experience, we can help companies achieve customer centricity. With five years of experience working with Bloomreach and 12 years of experience working with customer data, we are well positioned to help companies around the globe with strategic consulting, expert support, and Bloomreach implementation.

There are dozens of strategies and use cases to deploy to achieve customer centricity — several of which Voxwise has already implemented for Bloomreach Engagement customers. 

Some of the most popular ways to achieve customer centricity are: 

  • Campaigns with high customer personalization: While this might seem obvious, the depth of ecommerce personalization matters here. Using customer data — such as past purchases or browsing history — to create meaningful marketing messages can really resonate with individual customers. 
  • Trigger-based messaging: Automated messages reacting to real actions taken by consumers beat the standard newsletters in both open rates, click rates, and conversion.
  • Modern conversational commerce: People love conversation. Canned replies aren’t enough to meet modern customers’ expectations. Use technology to create more personalized experiences as they shop.
  • Harnessing the power of zero-party data: With stricter regulation of ad-serving platforms and rising costs, the differentiating factor for brands is the additional data gathered from customers directly. It’s more crucial than ever to personalize using both zero-party data and first-party data

While these are very general best practices, Voxwise has gone in-depth with several Bloomreach customers to serve their needs individually and help them achieve customer centricity with their collected customer data in Bloomreach Engagement.  

How L’azurde Personalized Customer Experiences With Bloomreach and Voxwise

With a vision of continuous progress in crafting perfection and precision, L’azurde is a signature name at the forefront of the jewelry industry. A Bloomreach Engagement customer, the company used Voxwise and Bloomreach to help collect, clean, and activate its customer data so it could put it to work to generate revenue. 

L’azurde is quickly becoming the digital leader in the Middle East thanks to its leadership and its concentrated push to achieve true omnichannel orchestration and personalization. At the outset, Voxwise assisted L’azurde in meticulously integrating its data into Bloomreach Engagement and effectively utilizing it for personalized communication. This produced an immediate positive impact.

Voxwise is now helping L’azurde realize its vision by scaling up the effort and moving to new levels of CRM and customer engagement. This is happening by introducing conversational commerce techniques and zero-party data, and tailoring this to the very specific case of L’azurde with the help of Bloomreach Engagement’s powerful tech.

All of these efforts have led to L’azurde reaching nearly 20 times as many customers and an estimated financial impact of €1 million per year. 

TMR Drives Repeat Visits and Creates Emotional Connections With Bloomreach and Voxwise

Tatry Mountain Resorts (TMR) is one of the largest resort operators in Europe. TMR operates a complex set of businesses, including ski resorts, waterparks, amusement parks, restaurants, sports shops, and hotels. 

TMR asked Voxwise to come up with ideas to utilize unused data from ski ticket cards, which track skier movement on the mountain. Voxwise created a “Ski Challenge” to drive emotion (and as a result, more ski trips) for TMR customers. Voxwise then utilized Bloomreach Engagement technology to build personalized communications on top of the emotionally supercharged skiing data.

When customers enter a Tatry Mountain Resorts ski liftgate with a Gopass ski ticket card, a data point is tracked for each gate entered. This helps track where skiers entered and exited the lift on top of the mountain, and this data allows us to calculate the skied distances, as wel as elevation meters based on liftgates located at different points on the mountain. 

So without turning on any GPS devices, skiers can automatically (with their permission) receive skiing statistics every day of their ski trip and be proud of their ski achievements. Voxwise proposed the “Ski Challenge” data collection idea and also provided the methodology to process the data. 

After deep analysis, Voxwise found that most customers ski around one weekend per year, which is roughly 70 kilometers. We added in a “black bomb” achievement for reaching a 100-kilometer distance. Thousands of skiers came for additional weekends to ski, as a 28% increase in ski trips on influenced customers was recorded. All of the personalized messages driving this were sent through Bloomreach Engagement. 

The “Ski Challenge” use case is a unique combination of sports emotion, very clever use of data, and customer engagement. Not only did it create a special bond to TMR, but it also contributed to increased revenue. 

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement, the process of sending personalized marketing communications was easy, and the personalized ski statistics motivated people to return. In this example, emotion and data drove customer retention without any need for TMR to offer discounts. 

Thanks to the boldness of the TMR team, the idea and clever execution of Voxwise, and excellent Bloomreach technology, a great result was achieved.

How BrewDog Increased Revenue From Email With Bloomreach and Voxwise

Award-winning Scottish brewery BrewDog worked with Voxwise to optimize its data-driven email campaigns. 

BrewDog took a group of 80,000 customers and split them in half in a completely random A/B split test. One half received a personalized version of an email, while the other half received a non-personalized version. Specifically, the personalized 40,000 customers were split based on web activity, recent purchases, and BrewDog investor status. 

The result? Personalization easily won the test, with personalized email campaigns driving 13.8% more revenue

Achieve Customer Centricity With Bloomreach and Voxwise

Customer centricity and customer data go hand in hand, playing integral roles in the success of ecommerce businesses. 

Bloomreach provides the best-in-class technology to achieve customer centricity and true personalization, while Voxwise provides the know-how on how to quickly get the data flowing into the Bloomreach data engine, set up the technology, and leverage its potential quickly.

Companies also turn to Voxwise to study customer data and generate ideas that can be turned into business cases that monetize the customer base. After creating these business cases based on data insights, Voxwise turns these into practical use cases which can quickly be implemented with Bloomreach technology. 

With this combination, you’ll move faster toward customer centricity, resulting in more satisfied and loyal customers, as well as greater revenue.

Together, Bloomreach and Voxwise help ecommerce businesses become more customer-centric. Start putting your customer data to work by learning more about what you can do with Bloomreach and Voxwise.


Milan Schnorrer

CEO, Voxwise

Milan is an expert in customer engagement and data with 14 of years of experience. He has designed dozens of CRM and customer engagement strategies with quantified revenue impact. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, Milan is an active advisory board and guest lecturer at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.


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