Wondering Where To Start With AI? Here Are 3 AI-Powered Marketing Campaigns You Can Implement Today With Bloomreach

Kinjal Shah
Kinjal Shah

“Know your audience” remains timeless wisdom for a reason. As a marketer, it’s important to meet your customers wherever they are. Unfortunately, traditional methods often fall short. That’s why innovative brands turn to AI-driven marketing to stay ahead of the curve.

But with so many options, where do you start with AI? We get it — it can be overwhelming. That’s why, at Bloomreach,  our goal is to give you an AI-powered solution that can streamline your campaigns and help you drive more revenue. 

Powering our products is Loomi, our AI built for ecommerce and trained on over 14 years of data from how customers shop and search. It knows what your customers want and can help you curate campaigns that encourage them to buy.

To help you get started, here are three AI-powered marketing campaigns you can immediately implement with Bloomreach. 

Contextual Personalization To Increase Profitability

Every marketer is familiar with A/B testing, but there is one glaring issue with an A/B testing strategy: It can only serve the “best” option based on the winning variant. 

Picture this: 70% of your customers love discounts, while the other 30% are all about free shipping. With traditional A/B testing, you might find that a discount offer works best overall, so you decide to show that to everyone.

But here’s the catch: By doing this, you’re ignoring the 30% who prefer free shipping, and that’s a missed opportunity.

Using AI-driven contextual personalization to send the best ecommerce offer

Contextual personalization fixes this by using AI to understand each person’s context (their past purchases, preferences, in-session activity, etc). This way, you can show the best variant for every individual instead of what’s best for the majority — those who prefer discounts still get those offers, but now the customers who want free shipping will see a more relevant offer. Contextual personalization helps you create more personalized experiences while also boosting your conversion rates.

bimago Uses Contextual Personalization To Increase Sign-Ups

bimago, a leading brand in the interior decoration industry, faced a challenge: As its customer base grew, so did the diversity of their preferences. A/B testing simply couldn’t keep up.

To address these issues, bimago turned to Bloomreach Engagement and contextual personalization. Loomi looked at a wide range of data points, including individual factors like device type, time of day, and previous website activities, to serve the best variant to each customer. 

Thanks to AI-driven contextual personalization, bimago saw an incredible 44% boost in subscription sign-ups. 

bimago boosts on-site conversion rate with AI-driven contextual personalization

Increase AOV by Automatically Suggesting Relevant Products With AI

Modern shoppers expect suggestions tailored specifically for them. That’s why it’s important to be able to serve product recommendations that consider each visitor’s browsing history, past purchases, and unique preferences. If you want to be a successful ecommerce brand, you’ll need to create personalized experiences that ensure each shopper sees the products they’re likely to love.

Statistics highlight the effectiveness of this approach. 56% of customers are more likely to return to sites using personalized recommendations. Additionally, 72% of consumers expect businesses to recognize and cater to their interests.

By meeting these goals, businesses not only satisfy customers, but they also increase the chance of repeat visits and greater loyalty.

Loomi helps by analyzing each visitor’s browsing history, past purchases, and specific preferences to generate tailored product recommendations. This ensures that the shopping experience feels custom-made for each user.

For instance, imagine a customer is shopping for a new top. Loomi can suggest complementary items that would match the style of whichever top they choose to add to their cart.

Using AI to provide personalized "complete your look" recommendations

But it doesn’t end there. Loomi might also offer incentives like, “Enjoy 10% off your next order with these stylish earrings.” This approach smooths out the shopping process and boosts spending in a way that feels personal.

Yves Rocher Converts More Customers With Personalization

Yves Rocher is a global cosmetics and beauty brand that wanted to go beyond generic recommendations — even for first-time site visitors. Most solutions wouldn’t be able to do much for first-time visitors, but Bloomreach Engagement and Loomi were up for the job. 

As anonymous visitors browse Yves Rocher’s site, Bloomreach Engagement creates an anonymous user profile that captures relevant first-party data (such as products viewed, products added to cart, etc.), and personalizes their in-session experience in real time. 

These personalized product recommendations generated fantastic results, including a 17.5x increase in the number of clicks on a personalized recommendation and an 11x increase in the purchase rate of these products. 

Yves Rocher increases purchase rate by 11x with real-time product recommendations in Bloomreach

Profit-Focused Ad Targeting Powered by AI

It’s only a matter of time before third-party cookies are completely phased out. As a result, marketers are searching for new ways to understand consumer preferences and deliver relevant ads. Conversion APIs provide a viable solution by harnessing the power of data to enhance campaign performance.

Unlike cookies, which offer limited insights, conversion APIs enable marketers to utilize zero-party and first-party data collected internally. By integrating this data with ad platforms, marketers can achieve more precise segmentation, leading to highly targeted and effective ad campaigns.

Using conversion APIs to send personalized ads

Consider a scenario where you’re running ads on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok to attract new customers. With insights from Loomi, you discover that customers who frequently purchase low-cost items from your online store negatively impact your overall profits.

Using Loomi’s capabilities, you can identify these customers and exclude them from your ad retargeting efforts. This strategic approach allows you to allocate your marketing budget more effectively towards customers likely to generate higher profits, ultimately reducing your customer acquisition costs and maximizing your return on investment.

Weird Fish Boosts Revenue With Facebook Conversions API

Clothing retailer Weird Fish faced the challenge of diminishing reliability in third-party tracking. To regain control over its campaigns and enhance optimization efforts, Weird Fish integrated the Facebook Conversions API (FB CAPI) with Bloomreach.

Over a span of four months, Weird Fish conducted a comprehensive test leveraging conversion APIs. The results: an 82% surge in revenue, accompanied by a notable 17% increase in impressions and a 3% expansion in reach across its Facebook Ad campaigns.

Weird Fish increases Facebook ad revenue by 82% with Facebook Conversions API in Bloomreach

Use Bloomreach for More Effective Marketing Campaigns

To fully benefit from artificial intelligence, marketers need a platform that’s up to the task. That’s exactly what Bloomreach Engagement delivers. Our AI is crafted for ecommerce, ensuring personalized interactions at every touchpoint in the customer journey. With Bloomreach, you have all the tools you need to run smarter, more impactful marketing campaigns.

Want to see how Loomi can change the game for your business with AI-driven strategies? Explore the use cases and boost your marketing game.


Kinjal Shah

Kinjal is a physician-turned-copywriter with a specialized focus on ecommerce and email marketing. She believes in the power of empathy to effectively reach target audiences. Her approach actively empowers brands to connect authentically with their audiences, boosting conversions and fostering long-term customer relationships.

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