How To Effectively Personalize the Customer Experience With Bloomreach + Loomi

Michael Lee
Michael Lee

In ecommerce, consumers want personalization. And if you’re not delivering personalized experiences on every channel? Your shoppers will seek better experiences elsewhere. 

Most marketers know this. They also know how difficult it is to deliver true personalization at scale when they have a million other tasks they have to take care of every day. That’s where AI can help

With Bloomreach Engagement, you get an all-in-one marketing automation solution that’s powered by Loomi, our ecommerce AI. But to make these solutions work well together, you need data (and lots of it), and that’s where our customer data engine comes in. Our customer data engine gathers all your customer and product data and consolidates them into one spot. From there, Loomi can leverage this data and activate it intelligently across marketing channels and campaigns. 

This powerful combination of solutions is what allows marketers to easily turn real-time customer and product data into seamlessly hyper-personalized campaigns on email, SMS, web, mobile, and more. 

Read on to learn how Bloomreach + Loomi will help you personalize the entire customer journey from one place. 

Know When and Where To Reach Your Customers 

Take the guesswork out of your campaign launches. Loomi will analyze the customer’s level of interactions and engagement (and will also take into account other behavioral data). From there, Loomi will automatically determine the time when your customers are most likely to click or open your email/SMS message. 

Using AI to determine optimal send time for an email campaign

These AI-driven predictions go beyond just optimal send time, too. You can determine a customer’s likelihood of churning, making a purchase (even during an ongoing session!), and returning an item, as well as their preferred channels. You can even create custom predictions tailored to your specific needs. 

You’ll want to be careful not to overwhelm your customers with marketing messages, though. With Bloomreach’s smart frequency policy, you can set rules for how often people receive communications. Or, you can let Loomi intelligently adapt the send frequency to match each customer’s level of engagement. 

Deliver the Right Message Every Time 

Testing is a key part of any good marketing strategy. But to get the results you need to make informed decisions, you need to create variations to test, which can be time-consuming. Take advantage of Bloomreach’s AI content generation features to help you quickly create (or at least brainstorm) copy variants for every channel. 

Then, use Loomi to take your testing to the next level. Instead of taking A/B testing’s one-size-fits-most approach, you can use AI-driven contextual personalization to show the best variant to each individual customer. This feature uses contextual information about a consumer to automatically determine which content, offer, and channel will work best for them. With contextual personalization, you no longer have to worry about sending someone a generic promotion. 

Contextual personalization sending different variants of an email based on customer preferences

Bloomreach also features out-of-the-box recommendation templates so you can more fully personalize your campaigns right from the start. You can automatically feature recommendations for categories such as: 

  • Products customers recently interacted with
  • Top-selling or viewed items within a category 
  • Customers who bought this also bought these products 
  • Products based on textual similarity
  • And much more, including combining multiple templates  

Use these AI-powered product recommendations in conjunction with our content generation and contextual personalization capabilities to ensure your messaging resonates with every customer. 

Create Campaigns That Convert

Make your shopping experience as seamless as possible to help encourage your customers to complete their purchases. For example, if a shopper adds a product to their cart but doesn’t check out, Loomi can automatically notify them when the price drops. Or, if a customer buys certain products at regular intervals (e.g., pet food or cleaning supplies), Loomi can also notify them when it’s almost time to restock. 

Woman receiving automated pet food restock alert

And once they’re a regular customer, Loomi makes it easy to surprise and delight them. For example, you can automatically send a congratulatory message with a special offer when a customer moves to the next loyalty tier. You can also reward customers who spend a certain amount in specific product categories, such as inviting anyone who’s purchased over $1K in shoes to an exclusive presale of the latest shoe collaboration drop. These small touches help improve retention and boost customer loyalty. 

Learn more about how we work with partner Antavo to create remarkable loyalty programs: 

Bring True Personalization to Your Customers With Bloomreach

To meet your customers’ growing expectations in ecommerce, you need an all-in-one platform like Bloomreach Engagement. Bloomreach is powered by a customer data engine that unifies all your data into a single marketing view of your customer. Then, Loomi uses that data to fuel personalized experiences — in real time and at scale — across all your channels. 

There are many more ways to personalize the customer experience beyond what we’ve covered in this post. To learn more, explore all our Loomi use cases or schedule a personalized demo today.

Bloomreach Loomi use cases



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