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The Headless Features Marketers & Developers Love

Developers and marketers can easily manage any screen - or no screen at all.

Create Once, Deliver Everywhere

Digital Experience has long ago surpassed the standalone website. Your customers interact with your brand across a whole journey of touchpoints - desktop, mobile, service portals, in-store displays, IoT devices - and they expect a consistent, relevant experience across all of these channels.

The headless capabilities of brXM provide agility, simplify cross-channel engagement, and position businesses to more readily adapt to the newest customer experience trends. 

Headless Features of brXM

WYSIWYG Preview for Full Content Creation

Have your headless cake and edit it too. With the unique hybrid ability of brXM, content creators retain access to editing tools when working with headless delivery, such as mobile apps and SPAs.

APIs for drag-and-drop editing, layout control, and live preview empower marketers with the tools they need to go to market quickly.  

Headless and Hybrid Deployment

With a natural separation between content and presentation, brXM is suitable for a spectrum of content delivery options.

One central platform can power a hybrid mix of traditional site delivery, partial page rendering, SPAs (single page applications), mobile apps, Internet of Things devices, and more - all using the same shared data to personalize the experience.

Personalization Across Touchpoints

A server side personalization engine means that all channels and devices can be powered with the same underlying data.

Use native data collectors within the CMS or user segments from third party tools, such as marketing automation or CRM data.  

Customizable REST APIs

Go beyond standard pre-built connectors of software-as-a-service CMS, and gain the freedom of a customizable platform-as-service. Leverage the tools and data you already have, as well as connecting any future technology investments.

With the ability to create custom APIs, you have unlimited options for designing and delivering a fully connected experience.

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