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BloomReach Unveils First Open and Intelligent Digital Experience Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- May 5, 2017 -- BloomReach, the leader in personalized digital experiences, today announced the market’s first open and intelligent digital experience platform (DXP) that drives one-to-one personalized experiences across the entire customer journey. BloomReach DXP is the only data-native platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver real-time personalization at scale across all customer touch points. It also comes with a full toolset of analytics that allows digital marketers and merchandisers to maximize business outcomes.

Since acquiring Hippo B.V. last October, BloomReach has continued to integrate its Relevance Engine into Hippo’s web content management system (WCM), engineering the first self-learning DXP with semantic understanding of content and the ability to determine consumer demand and visitor intent. Its intelligence can learn from and understand context behind every customer interaction - whether online or offline - then delivers personalized content to any digital experience (mobile site, app, desktop, kiosk, display, etc.).

BloomReach DXP supports a microservices architecture with an experience orchestration layer that delivers transactional data and services from external systems, ultimately providing a consistent, unified customer experience. Plugging into external data sources and third-party platforms - including marketing automation, commerce and CRM - BloomReach DXP fully understands the voice of the customer by parsing and uniting search, behavioral, channel and content-specific data. The open model also gives businesses the ability to break down siloed commerce and content experiences - providing a single platform that merges personalized product offerings and marketing content.

In addition, the open architecture of BloomReach DXP provides an advantage to reuse content and services across multiple environments by decoupling the presentation layer from the content and its associated metadata, known as a headless CMS. This allows businesses to amortize content-resource investment across touch points while freeing up resources by consolidating content creation. With an experience-as-a-service approach, BloomReach DXP allows organizations to optimize customer engagement not only across traditional desktop and mobile web channels but also new digital touchpoints, including mobile app, kiosk, digital display and more.

“People leading digital transformations at enterprises are finally finding that their customers are worthy of their own platform for personalizing digital experiences. BloomReach DXP delivers a 360-degree view of your customer, and can automate the personalized experience or provide you with decision-making tools needed to optimize for your goals,” said BloomReach CEO Raj De Datta. “Companies don’t need to be stuck with the significant issues caused by having an army of marketers, financial consultants and IT systems integrators to fix conflicting rules, detangle JavaScript and determine ROI from point-solution vendors. BloomReach DXP provides a streamlined integration that has proven applications for the entire customer journey - from acquisition to retention and loyalty.”

Comprised of three core modules, BloomReach DXP enables creation, management, marketing and measurement of digital experiences across the customer journey – including discovery, inspiration, action, retention and loyalty. It also puts business users in control of the AI, so they can blend personalization strategies for specific use cases with full automation, segmentation, rules-based or manual approaches. The three modules include:

AI-driven Personalization with BloomReach Personalization

With continually and cumulatively learning applications for personalized site-search, personalized category pages, personalized recommendations and a set of merchandising analytics and impact-tracking tools, BloomReach Personalization gives commerce businesses a full spectrum of personalization to create and market their products.

Whether a business wants AI to fully automate the experience or to prescriptively inform its team’s strategic decision-making, BloomReach Personalization includes comprehensive intelligence, with algorithms to understand content, layout, customer journeys, channels, behavior, language semantics, intent, performance optimization and user personalization (segmentation and one-to-one).

BloomReach Personalization also supports advanced decision-making with built-in testing and targeting for category and site-search-results pages, in addition to diagnostic tools to evaluate algorithms.

BloomReach Personalization is offered to commerce companies as a single product with a unified user interface, but the independent applications - Search (formerly Commerce Search), Merchandising (formerly Commerce Categories) and Insights (formerly Compass)  - are also available individually. Each of the personalization applications have been shown to improve revenue per visit significantly - creating the opportunity for hundreds of millions in incremental revenue - for many of the top 500 retailers and other large brands.

One-to-One Experiences with BloomReach Experience

BloomReach Experience (formerly Hippo CMS Enterprise Edition) is a unified platform for experience management across all customer interactions points. BloomReach Experience is an open platform that integrates data, content and application services to drive customer acquisition, loyalty and retention across marketing channels, online and in-store commerce experiences, customer community and self-service, and all supporting employee experiences (including internal portals and mobile applications). Based on open standards and a modern, modular, extensible open-source core, BloomReach Experience creates a new web infrastructure stack tailored for on-demand, personalized, transactional experiences that drives new digital services, business models and revenue. BloomReach Experience serves as an orchestration platform for consistent context and delivery of content and experiences across any customer touchpoint. As a platform for both CIOs and CMOs, BloomReach Experience enables seamless collaboration between IT and marketing for continuous innovation in customer engagement and to build one-to-one customer relationships, advocacy and lifetime value.

SEO at Scale with BloomReach Organic

BloomReach Organic optimizes customer acquisition through organic search at scale. It improves site structure by linking related searches and products, surfaces a business’s most-relevant content for search engines and automatically identifies content gaps to create category pages without IT.

BloomReach sees all digital businesses having three core cloud platforms: a back-end or transactional platform, a digital experience platform for unifying and personalizing the customer journey and an acquisition platform. The BloomReach DXP serves as the experience platform – where data and algorithms determine each visitor’s intent and either return the most-relevant experience or inform the business user’s objectives. In addition, the insights provided by the DXP’s supporting tools and analytics will more effectively inform initiatives executed through the acquisition platform.

BloomReach debuted its DXP on May 4 at its first-ever North American customer summit, BloomReach Connect NYC. The company expects to hold future Connect events in London this summer, and its annual global customer conference, BloomReach Connect Amsterdam, this November.

About BloomReach

BloomReach is a Silicon Valley firm that brings businesses the first open and intelligent Digital Experience Platform (DXP). BloomReach drives customer experience to accelerate the path to conversion, increase revenue, and drive customer loyalty.

With applications for content management, site search, page management, SEO optimization and role-based analytics, BloomReach is a central location for all players who drive customer experience to come together and intelligently drive business outcomes. BloomReach’s Relevance Engine algorithmically understands content and users, matching demand and intent data from across the web. BloomReach's industry-leading tools unlock the powerful creativity of humans to improve omnichannel customer experiences at scale. Together, human and machine drive millions of dollars of proven incremental sales.

BloomReach's portfolio of customers include: Neiman Marcus, REI, Mailchimp and Autodesk. Incorporated in 2009, BloomReach is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., with offices worldwide and is backed by investment firms Bain Capital Ventures, Battery Ventures, NEA, Salesforce Ventures and Lightspeed Ventures. Learn more:


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