Let your customers behavior drive smart merchandising decisions. BloomReach Insights puts powerful, actionable data at your fingertips that shows you exactly how to improve your customer experience - and your revenue.

BloomReach Insights was formerly known as Compass. 

Intelligent navigation & site search

BloomReach Insights learns and understands the actual language your customers are using to provide conversion-boosting navigation improvements. Insights also helps give your visitors a frictionless online experience by troubleshooting any issues that arise in your site search - making sure your customers have a continuously easy and engaging experience.

Show the right products

Combining product data and user behavior, BloomReach Insights discovers which products are most likely to lead each visitor to convert - and let’s you know the most optimal way to display these products to drive that conversion.

Actionable visitor insights

Our tools pinpoint the issues that are preventing customers from converting, and provide immediate advice on how to fix them. With Insights, you have access to a holistic view of the customer journey and the power to create the most frictionless - and profitable - customer buying experience.

Show your impact

Built specifically for site merchandisers, Insights is made to easily align with your personal workflow and to show the strong impact your work makes. Built-in impact tracking lets you see, and demonstrate, the revenue and engagement effects created you create.

BloomReach Web Relevance Engine

See how we use machine learning to understand your customers.

What sets BloomReach apart?

The BloomReach DXP creates experiences that delight visitors and drive measurable business results.

Open Source

Praised by developers and easy to work with.

AI Driven

Smart technology that's constantly improving.


Best-in-class PaaS for unprecedented digital agility.