An intuitive search is an essential part of a great customer experience. Search that helps your visitors find what they’re looking for faster, and learns from user behavior to continuously improve itself, means satisfied customers  - who have a quicker, easier path to purchase.

BloomReach Search was previously known as Commerce Search.

1. Surface the most relevant products.

Advanced ranking algorithms optimize results for 1:1 personalization, combining each customer’s search behavior and browsing patterns with natural language processing.


2. Fine-grained curation.

Site search and site optimization specialists can enhance the results with a rich set of AI-driven tools for product grid curation based on trends, campaigns and business needs.


3. Self-learning mechanism.

BloomReach Search stays relevant even as customer language changes, dynamically capturing customer intent and reducing the work required by manual rules.

BloomReach Search is available in multiple languages.


The Power of Language

Understanding your customers through the power of Natural Language Processing.

What sets BloomReach apart?

The BloomReach DXP creates experiences that delight visitors and drive measurable business results.


Praised by developers and powerfully extensible.


AI-powered technology that's constantly improving.


Best-in-class PaaS for unprecedented digital agility.