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Dynamic, intelligent, visual merchandising tools help you curate the best shopping experience for every customer. Optimize the valuable space on a product listing page by displaying products that each unique shopper is most likely to buy front and center, boosting customer engagement - and conversion rates.

BloomReach Merchandising was formerly known as Commerce Categories.

Dynamic controls

Easily curate product listing pages to fit your brand, marketing, and performance goals. Our full suite of dynamic, customizable, visual merchandising tools make it simple to balance any number of product ranking goals - and makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.  Additionally, our global rule generation gives you advanced control when managing multiple sites at once.

Actionable intelligence

You have full control of the power of our smart personalization engine at your fingertips. Manually curate top category and editorial pages while letting intelligent algorithms personalize the rest of the pages at scale for your customers. BloomReach can learn from your audience to automatically decide which facets and values to show visitors, while always allowing you to override the system with your unique business and industry insights - keeping you at the helm of your customers’ experience.

Product grid personalization

Set your own merchandising rules, and let BloomReach’s smart system complement them by automatically adapting the rest of your product grid to each user’s personal preference. Automatically rank products according to performance metrics and the personal tastes of each visitor - based on individual behavior, CRM data, and offline data such as in-store purchases.

Measurable impact

Merchandising drives commerce revenue, and BloomReach makes it easy to show the impact of your work. Track and test your activities to continuously observe the effects of your changes on revenue, conversion, and customer engagement. Identify new opportunities to improve the customer experience and find quick, actionable solutions that help you improve conversion. 

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