Deliver Bespoke 1:1 Shopping Experiences Digitally

Leverage your product and customer data to create online experiences that inspire customers to purchase

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Convert your customers by delivering personalized experiences at the right time in the right channel

In a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, it’s important for fashion brands to keep up with consumer trends — not only from a product perspective, but also on an individual basis, offering each customer products that will inspire them to purchase.

How do winning fashion brands do this? They combine the power of their product and customer data to engage their communities and provide experiences that go above and beyond “hello {first name}.”

Instead of getting bogged down in manual processes and complicated systems, Bloomreach Engagement customers utilize our data platform, which is pre-built with drag-and-drop personalized journeys, extensive experimentation tools, and single marketing views.

How Bloomreach Empowers
Fashion Brands

Increase average order value. Deliver relevant messages that inspire your customers to purchase

It’s easy to let customers know about new styles, promotions, or events with an advanced set of rules that target customers based on their specific life cycle stage and interests. This can lead to increased average order values and customers who feel inspired to shop with you over the competition.

Real-time A/B testing. Optimize each touch of your campaigns so you feel confident in your messaging

Have multiple high-performing product groups? Quickly test messaging, images, calls-to-action, and more. Bloomreach Engagement allows for the A/B testing of essentially anything, enabling you to deliver your top-performing assets to your customers throughout your campaigns.

Personalization that scales. Segment accurately with a single marketing view that allows you to provide truly bespoke site experiences

Real-time updates make all the difference. Single marketing view data enables segmentation and omnichannel orchestration. If the system isn’t fully updated, your customers may be getting served the products that aren't most relevant to them.

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