Personalized Experiences That Make the Competition Blush

It's time to create personalized experiences for an increasingly diverse cosmetics landscape

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Creating seamless, personalized experiences for each customer? Now that looks great on you.

Customers’ shopping expectations are constantly increasing. Even though you’ve done the work to expand product lines and shades, as well as keep up with ever-changing trends and customer wants, it’s not enough. 
Winning cosmetic companies not only provide excellent confidence-boosting merchandise, but they also deliver 1:1 shopping experiences that match the benchmark set by brick-and-mortar retailers. 
So, how can digital-first cosmetics companies provide that experience? They do it by fully leveraging customer and product data with a solution like Bloomreach Engagement to learn, optimize, and personalize all the touchpoints across the customer journey. 

How Bloomreach Empowers
Beauty Brands

Real-time recommendations that increase average order value, boost loyalty, and retain new visitors

In a world of diverse customers with different skin tones, combinations, and style preferences, it's increasingly important to have site experiences that follow their lead. 
By offering products meant for your customers, you can increase average order values and inspire them to shop with you over the competition.

Real-time A/B testing. Optimize each touch of your campaigns so you feel confident in your messaging

Have multiple high-performing product groups? Quickly test messaging, images, calls-to-action, and more. Bloomreach Engagement allows for the A/B testing of essentially anything, enabling you to deliver your top-performing assets to your customers throughout your campaigns.

Segment accurately and provide truly personalized site experiences at scale

Real-time updates make all the difference. Commerce data enables segmentation and omni-channel orchestration, meaning your customers will only get served the products that are most relevant to them.

No fluff, just results. Cosmetics Customers Benefiting from Bloomreach.

Trusted by leading cosmetics companies for their personalization needs

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