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Pampering Customers With Unique Experiences. Now THAT Looks Great on You.

With customer expectations rapidly changing, it’s clear there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. To succeed, you need to create relevant experiences for every customer at every stage of the shopping journey — from offline experiences to the online checkout.

Data is at the heart of every personalized experience. In an industry where you can’t afford to fall behind, enable your marketers to leverage your most powerful sources of data — customer and product — through the power of omnichannel personalization.

Stop Missing Out on Revenue Because of:

A lack of intelligent marketing built for commerce

Data silos and disconnected customer journeys

Limited personalization capabilities

How Bloomreach Empowers Beauty Brands

The only constant in ecommerce is change. To stay ahead of trends — even with obstacles like shifting consumer behavior and an uncertain macroeconomic environment — you must ensure your marketing investments give you actionable insights and capture all potential revenue opportunities.

Alleviate tech limitations and stop relying on IT! Collect relevant customer insights, segments, and attributes available in real time to create scalable personalized experiences in a single place. This includes on-site data, back-end data, offline data, calculated metrics, and predicted future data.

In a world of diverse customers with different preferences, tailor your site experiences to match their uniqueness. Seamlessly integrate all channels – spanning email, SMS, mobile app, web, offline, and other mediums – our drag-and-drop scenario builder to refine the omnichannel journey.

Send fewer but more impactful communications. Leverage our AI tools to power product recommendations, content generation, and predictions to determine optimal engagement strategies.

Bloomreach empowers marketers to engage in (for real) real-time bidding and optimize their advertising expenditure. Add or remove audiences within milliseconds of an interaction, so you’re no longer chasing someone that has already converted.

Increase your subscribers using ready-made sign-up modules, while also ensuring its validity through integrated preference centers, consent management, and list authentication features. Employ adaptable banners to gather more preferences, enhancing the personalization of your emails.

We leave plenty of room for your marketers to work their magic! Uncover trends and patterns in customer behavior, pinpoint the channels where customers engage with your brand, and recognize areas for improvement.

No fluff, just results. Cosmetics Customers Benefiting from Bloomreach.

Personalized Experiences in a Diverse Landscape

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    How can diversity and inclusion fit into a beauty brand's personalization strategy?
  • Power of AI in Campaigns
    How do real-time recommendations and segmentation impact modern day loyalty programs and retention?

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