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boohooMAN Sees Up to 25x ROI From CDP-Powered SMS Campaigns With Bloomreach

Story Behind the Brand is the leading, pure play online fashion destination. Since launching in 2016, boohooMAN has executed a number of successful, cutting edge campaigns and design partnerships with some of the most recognizable talent globally, all while continuing to push boundaries and capitalize on opportunities in the influencer sphere to bridge the gap between product and its core customer.
The Boohoo Group PLC is a leading ecommerce group with a portfolio of 13 market-leading brands — including boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, Debenhams, and boohooMAN that bring fashion, shoes, accessories, beauty, and homeware to millions of customers across the globe. All 13 brands of the group use Bloomreach Engagement to build personalized customer journeys across all channels that enhance the customer experience and drive real results.


return on investment on SMS campaigns in the United Kingdom
return on investment on a birthday flow SMS campaign sent to customers who weren’t opted in for email marketing communications


While SMS marketing has proven to be a successful marketing tactic, boohooMAN was experiencing some frustrations when it first began sending SMS campaigns to customers.

Using the channel mostly as a one-off on big shopping days such as Black Friday, boohooMAN began its journey with SMS campaigns by sending non-personalized messages to unsegmented customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland to showcase big offers. These communications were sent to largely inactive customers and the return on investment was subpar at best (never better than 2x on any given occasion), as boohooMAN’s previous SMS solution did not have the same targeting capabilities as Bloomreach Engagement.

While data shows that SMS campaigns are successful, they are only successful when the messaging can be personalized to the customer and the right customer receives the right message at the right time. Using natively integrated SMS channels to send messages is most effective when the messages are personalized with zero- and first-party data captured by your company. Tailoring promotions and notifications with customer-specific content is proven to boost engagement and retention.

But boosting engagement and retention in this way is impossible without the right marketing technology that supports compliantly collecting customer data and making that data actionable for marketers. boohooMAN found this out firsthand when it changed its SMS strategy and saw incredible uplift with Bloomreach.

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Bloomreach Engagement turned SMS campaigns from a challenge to a celebration for boohooMAN.

Rather than using SMS campaigns as a one-off or just an afterthought, boohooMAN has incorporated SMS into its omnichannel strategy and is now sending personalized campaigns to segmented audiences. boohooMAN has tapped into the wave of the future with these campaigns — using a CDP to power SMS campaigns that meet customers where they are in the customer lifecycle.

With Bloomreach Engagement as its central data hub, boohooMAN can now compliantly collect customer data and also take action on that data thanks to a single customer view. boohooMAN is no longer treating SMS campaigns like they are a special occasion one-off, but is instead making them an important part of omnichannel campaigns. By looking at the customer holistically and not treating these channels as separate, the company can make the customer journey flow more seamless and less fragmented.

If a customer has opted in for SMS and emails, but has only ever made purchases through SMS, Bloomreach Engagement’s predictions capability can help identify SMS as the next best action to help push customers into action with the brand.

Since segmentation and personalization is powered by the collected customer data of the CDP, the options are nearly limitless for boohooMAN with SMS campaigns. Audience selection, campaign orchestration, and campaign creation (the actual building of the personalized SMS messages) can all be done within a single user interface. A campaign can be launched in no more than an hour in total.

Bloomreach Engagement has proven to be easy, efficient, and effective for boohooMAN compared to its previous solution, which was overly manual and failed to produce revenue-generating results.

We used to see our SMS channel barely break even prior to adopting Bloomreach Engagement. We’ve completely changed the way we do SMS campaigns with Bloomreach and it’s become an important part of our omnichannel strategy. Bloomreach Engagement lets us see how all of our channels are working together to offer the best possible customer experience.


Jack Worthington

Senior CRM Executive, boohooMAN


The question may be popping into your mind — did the cost of SMS messaging impact the revenue generated by boohooMAN?

Bloomreach Engagement’s competitive pricing (compared to its previous solution) allowed the brand to rethink its strategy with SMS and align it with the rest of its customer-centric communications.

Overall, boohooMAN has generated a 5x overall return on investment with SMS since beginning to use Bloomreach Engagement for these campaigns. With its birthday flow specifically targeted to customers who aren’t opted in for email communications, boohooMAN has generated a 25x return on investment. Last Black Friday, the brand earned a 7x ROI after being more strategic about its messaging, personalization, and segmentation. These metrics were all for customers located in the United Kingdom.

Incredible results. Companies everywhere can benefit similarly to how boohooMAN did by connecting its SMS strategy with a CDP. Learn more today.

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