Solving Your Tech and Data Silo Problems With Bloomreach + Loomi

Donna-Marie Bohan
Donna-Marie Bohan

Siloed data can have major ripple effects on a business. Can’t quite picture it? Just imagine a game of telephone. As each person passes a message to the next, by the time it reaches the last person, the message is oftentimes hardly recognizable anymore.  

This distortion is a useful metaphor in thinking about the problem of tech and data silos in ecommerce. These silos, which are formed when disparate software systems fail to communicate effectively, hinder collaboration, stifle efficiency, and get in the way of delivering the cohesive customer experiences that customers expect.  

Data breaking apart due to tech and data silos

Fortunately, pioneering solutions like Loomi, Bloomreach’s powerful AI for ecommerce, offer a comprehensive approach to overcoming these challenges and unleashing the full potential of ecommerce platforms.

Read on to discover how integrating data can fuel better decision-making and maximize marketing and merchandising performance. 

The Problem With Data Silos

Tech and data silos are a pervasive issue in the realm of ecommerce, arising from the disjointed nature of modern business operations. When customer data, product information, and marketing channels are siloed within different systems, it becomes challenging for organizations to gain a holistic view of their customers and deliver personalized experiences. 

To understand the true cost of data silos, consider the following problems that can emerge:

Fragmented Customer Experiences

When customer data is siloed across different systems and departments, brands struggle to deliver a cohesive and personalized experience to their customers. For example, a retail brand may have separate databases for online and offline sales, leading to inconsistencies in customer profiles and preferences. As a result, customers may receive irrelevant marketing messages or encounter difficulties when trying to access their account information across different channels.

Inefficient Marketing Campaigns

Tech and data silos can hamper the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by limiting access to critical customer insights and engagement metrics. For instance, if a brand’s email marketing platform isn’t integrated with its CRM system, marketers may struggle to track customer interactions and tailor their campaigns accordingly. This can result in poorly targeted messages, low conversion rates, and wasted marketing spend.

Data silos not only lead to inefficiencies but also results in missed opportunities for engagement and revenue generation. For ecommerce companies striving to remain competitive in today’s market, breaking down these silos is paramount to success.

Data Inconsistencies and Inaccuracies

Siloed data often leads to inconsistencies and inaccuracies, as multiple versions of the same data are stored in different systems. For example, a company may have separate inventory management systems for different product lines, resulting in duplicate records and inventory discrepancies. This can lead to inventory stockouts, delays in order fulfillment, and dissatisfied customers.

Limited Business Insights

Without a centralized view of data, brands may struggle to gain actionable insights into their business performance and market trends. This makes it difficult to identify emerging opportunities or potential risks. As a result, decision-makers may lack the visibility and clarity needed to make informed strategic decisions.

Compliance and Security Risks

Tech and data silos can pose significant compliance and security risks for brands. If sensitive data is stored in separate silos, it may be more susceptible to unauthorized access or breaches. Similarly, if customer payment information is fragmented across different systems, it may be challenging to ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

How an All-in-One Solution Can Help

At the heart of the solution lies the concept of integration — an all-in-one platform that consolidates disparate systems and unifies data streams, helping break down data silos by bringing everything together. Integrated data is the antidote to data silos and plays a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of marketing and merchandising. Bloomreach addresses this need with a suite of products designed to streamline ecommerce operations and enhance customer experiences. 

Bloomreach's all-in-one-platform helps break down data silos to improve marketing automation and product discovery

Central to this approach is Bloomreach Engagement, which aggregates customer data into a single customer view, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights into customer behaviors and preferences. Meanwhile, Bloomreach Discovery leverages product data to deliver personalized search results and merchandising insights, ensuring that customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

By integrating these tools into one cohesive platform, Bloomreach empowers organizations to transcend the limitations of tech and data silos, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences at scale. With a unified view of customer data and product insights, businesses can optimize their marketing strategies, enhance product discovery, and drive meaningful engagement across all touchpoints.

Evolving Your Strategies With AI

Having an all-in-one solution is only part of the equation, however. To truly unlock the power of unified data, organizations need intelligent technology capable of extracting actionable insights in real time. Enter Loomi, Bloomreach’s AI solution tailored specifically for ecommerce. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and trained on years of ecommerce data, Loomi revolutionizes marketing and merchandising strategies by delivering personalized experiences at scale.

Bloomreach's AI, Loomi, sending personalized recommendations

How Loomi Powers Marketing Automation

One of Loomi’s key capabilities is marketing automation, where it uses data-driven insights to deliver hyper-personalized campaigns tailored to individual customers. 

Here are some examples of how Loomi powers personalized journeys to help brands maximize customer lifetime value: 

  • By analyzing customer behavior, purchase history, and engagement patterns, Loomi can automatically determine the best content, timing, and channel for each campaign, maximizing conversion rates and driving revenue growth
  • Loomi can predict the probability of purchase, churn, or order return, enabling marketers to fine-tune their messaging and cadence accordingly
  • Loomi monitors each customer’s average purchase frequency and automatically reminds them when they’re near the date of repurchase
  • Loomi uses LTV or purchase intent to generate lookalike customer segments on ad platforms, resulting in lower CAC

How Loomi Boosts Product Discovery

In the realm of product discovery, Loomi’s AI capabilities shine through in its ability to deliver relevant and personalized search results. By analyzing vast datasets and user interactions, Loomi ensures that customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates. 

Here’s how Loomi powers search and product discovery to help drive ROI faster:

  • By automatically calculating and balancing relevance, performance, and personalization scores for each product, Loomi ensures that customers receive the most relevant search results tailored to their individual preferences
  • Leveraging Bloomreach’s massive dataset of over 350 million transactions, Loomi offers AI-driven recommendations and personalized search results, helping customers discover products that align with their unique tastes and interests
  • Loomi eliminates the frustration of zero-result dead ends by automatically finding similar products and product recommendations, ensuring that customers always see relevant results
  • Loomi empowers merchandisers with actionable insights that help them optimize product placement and boost revenue without a lot of manual overhead 

Loomi improving product discovery by showing relevant search results based on customer preferences

The AI revolution is reshaping the ecommerce landscape, and Bloomreach is at the forefront of this transformation. By harnessing the power of AI to drive personalized marketing and merchandising strategies, Loomi empowers brands to break down tech and data silos, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive growth and innovation in the digital age.

Get Rid of Silos With Bloomreach

By embracing Bloomreach’s all-in-one suite of solutions, businesses can eliminate tech and data silos once and for all. With the power of Loomi underpinning both Bloomreach Engagement and Bloomreach Discovery, organizations can unlock the full potential of their ecommerce platforms. With a unified view of customer data and product insights, businesses can deliver personalized experiences across all touchpoints, driving engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Curious to learn how Bloomreach can transform your ecommerce strategy? Explore more Loomi use cases for your business and take the next step into your AI-driven ecommerce future.

Explore AI-powered ecommerce use cases with Loomi


Donna-Marie Bohan


Donna-Marie is a senior content marketing specialist, writer, and editor with extensive experience in communications and B2B software marketing.

A former analyst, she enjoys exploring how digital marketing, media, and new technologies are shaping the future. She has authored a number of digital industry reports and her work has been featured across a number of publications, including City AM, the Financial Times, Forbes, Econsultancy, Marketing Week, Adweek, and MarTech Series.


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