A Vue of the Future: The Power Behind the Bloomreach Vue Storefront Integration That Modernizes Commerce Teams

Kait Spong
Kait Spong

Replatforming is not easy. It is high stakes, takes a lot of initiative, and can be expensive. But, if you’re looking to transform your businesses’ digital experiences into something meaningful, it may be the best route to take, especially if your company wants to future-proof itself to weather the massive shift to digital. 

As ecommerce continues to expand into new, unchartered territories, it can feel difficult to keep your head above water, though. Some of the challenges you might face might include having a disjointed tech stack or missing entire components. The clear path to success must be paved with ambition, dedication, and a clear strategy.

Luckily, unified solutions, like the ones offered by Bloomreach, make replatforming much easier. By creating a carefully curated ecosystem, we’re able to help companies power their commerce seamlessly and effectively. 

Take, for instance, our new integration with Vue Storefront. We combined our commerce experience solutions of Bloomreach Content and Bloomreach Discovery with the Progressive Web App (PWA) provider, giving brands, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers the ability to create more personalized, end-to-end shopping experiences for their users. Let’s start by covering the basics of this all-new integration.

What Is the Bloomreach Vue Storefront Integration? 

The Bloomreach Vue Storefront integration brings together best-of-breed technologies for a common purpose — to make your customers’ digital experiences memorable. On the front end of the integration, there is Vue Storefront, a fast and flexible Front-End Platform for Headless Commerce with pre-built components for commerce, which accelerate typical business workflows.

Since Vue Storefront can connect to any ecommerce platform, it works seamlessly with Bloomreach’s solutions. The first is Bloomreach Content, a headless content management system (CMS) that gives your team the ability to easily manage the online storefront and add products to any page. The second is Bloomreach Discovery, an impactful combination of AI-powered site search, SEO, and recommendations to drive the customer further along their purchase journey with the allure of personalization. 

Once the customer arrives at the transactional portion, Vue Storefront’s front end and Bloomreach’s back end connect to a variety of commerce channels, including BigCommerce, commercetools, Elastic Path, Magento, SAP, and Shopify Plus, to carry out the final steps of the purchasing process. 

How Does Bloomreach Set Up Businesses to Succeed? 

Bloomreach’s technology revolves around the concept of composable commerce, which allows ecommerce teams to assemble a mix-and-match of technology solutions that satisfy their unique business needs. With composable commerce, we avoid using a one-size-fits-all ecommerce approach. Instead, we turn to modern architectures, like MACH (Microservices, API, Cloud, Headless) and JAMstack (Javascript, API, and Markup), to remain adaptable in the ever-changing marketplace. 

Now customers don’t have to pick a “ride or die” vendor and rely on them to master every piece of their technology stack. Your business can choose a vendor who has dominated its area of expertise and is flexible enough to combine its system with other relevant services through APIs. Speaking of agility, Bloomreach’s solutions can be used in any combination or completely on their own. They can also be combined with other technologies in a drag-and-drop, codeless environment. 

By merging Content and Discovery in our new integration with Vue Storefront, for example, businesses gain a semantic understanding of the products that users want from the Discovery offering, analyze the information, and create neatly packaged content through the Content pillar. This means merchants and marketers can promote their products and services in a highly optimized and personalized way without IT involvement.

Where Does Vue Storefront Come Into the Picture? 

Optimized to perform out-of-the-box, Vue Storefront is an obvious choice for commerce teams who want to amp up productivity. With this new integration, your business can lean on Vue Storefront to handle the look and feel of your brand online, while allowing Bloomreach to implement the product discovery and content initiatives on the back end. 

By harmoniously cooperating with a third-party storefront, Bloomreach essentially hands the keys to anyone to do their job more expediently and efficiently — and without unnecessary intervention. Merchandisers gain the tools they need to build dynamic websites, and content marketers can deliver thought leadership based on comprehensive data through a straightforward CMS. In fact, these teams can take full ownership of creating end-to-end user experiences within the Bloomreach panel.

In the end, your team will come away from your investment with many favorable outcomes, like a faster time to market, enhanced SEO, increased conversion rates, and overall performance improvements. Best of all, your new headless storefront and corresponding experience tools will be able to run on any commerce platform. Not only does the flexibility of the integration cater to the personal preferences of businesses, but it will also mean a lot to your customers, who are increasingly seeking personalized experiences

While the new partnership has similar benefits to a simpler CMS integration, including cutting time to market and connecting to other third-party services, it is far more future-proof than you might initially realize. Bloomreach’s deep layer of customer data, product intuitiveness, and easily navigable CMS beneath Vue Storefront’s sleek exterior set the stage for thorough omnichannel personalization. With the Bloomreach Vue Storefront integration, businesses can consolidate vendors – all while creating a strong foundation for the modern commerce experience. If you’re trying to replatform with a composable commerce solution, contact us today.


Kait Spong

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Kait is a Content Marketing Manager at Bloomreach and is passionate about delving into the technology solutions that improve a business’ end goals. Once earning their BA and MA in English, the seasoned writer delved into the world of content marketing, branding, search engine optimization, and social media marketing and has helped numerous companies across all industries with their content and thought leadership strategies. Read more from Kait here.

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