3 Bloomreach Discovery Tricks To Boost Revenue

Michael Lee
Michael Lee

With Bloomreach Discovery, you know you’re getting smarter site search for your brand right from the start. But because of how robust our solution is, there are likely some features you’re not taking full advantage of. 

In this post, we take a look at three Bloomreach Discovery tricks you can use to further increase your conversions, average order value (AOV), and revenue. 

Use Category Pathways To Encourage More Exploration 

Many online stores tend to keep search results within a single category, but that’s missing a big opportunity to engage your customers. With category pathways in Bloomreach Discovery, you can bring in cross-category recommendations to encourage shoppers to go to other parts of your site. 

It all comes down to what you can infer from your customers based on their browsing and shopping behavior. For example, if someone’s searching for maternity clothing, then you can infer that they’ll likely need baby clothing soon, too. By recommending baby clothes on the same page as maternity clothes, you can bring cross-category products top of mind and get customers to purchase more. 

Example of cross-category module with Bloomreach DiscoveryAdditionally, you can get even more out of your cross-category modules by prioritizing high-margin items, such as your own branded products. 

Remind Shoppers of Products They’ve Recently Viewed

When a shopper has browsed or searched for specific products but didn’t purchase them, you can keep them engaged by implementing a “recently viewed” widget with Bloomreach Discovery. 

This algorithm will let you display personalized product recommendations based on a user’s past purchasing history, browsing behavior, and preferences. Since this shows up while a person is actively browsing or searching, you can significantly boost conversions by reminding them of products they’ve shown interest in.  

Place a “recently viewed” widget on the homepage, product description pages, the add-to-cart page, during checkout, or even in the order confirmation. Learn how to add a “recently viewed” widget to your site

Create Truly Real-time Email Recommendations 

One of the big challenges in ecommerce is offering a consistent experience across web and email. This is because many existing solutions use send-time recommendations: Emails are personalized at the time they’re sent, but as a result, can’t take into account recent activity or product catalog updates. 

With Bloomreach Discovery, you can take advantage of open-time email recommendations. These recommendations render in real time as soon as the user opens the email, which means you never have to worry about the information being out of date or irrelevant. Bloomreach’s email recommendations feature provides a unified, consistent digital experience across all channels, resulting in increased conversion rates and revenue. 

Use Bloomreach Discovery to show real-time product availability

Open-time email recommendations are especially useful for use cases such as: 

  • Marketing emails and newsletters — Include weekly trending products, monthly bestsellers, or recently viewed products
  • Order confirmation and tracking — Feature related products within these transactional emails to encourage additional purchases  
  • Abandoned cart emails — Recommend products similar to those left in an abandoned cart (note: you’ll need Bloomreach Engagement or another customer data platform integrated to do this)
  • Account creation — Recommend new arrivals or on-sale products from categories people browsed before creating an account, resulting in an immediately personalized experience

Get Even More Out of Bloomreach Discovery

There’s a lot you can do with Bloomreach Discovery to help you improve conversions, AOV, and revenue. If you’re a Recommendations & Pathways customer within Bloomreach Discovery, you’ll already have access to what you need to implement these tricks. If not, reach out to your Account Manager today to learn more. 

To see how you can get even more out of Bloomreach Discovery, read up on how we’ve enhanced Bloomreach Discovery’s ecommerce search algorithms.


Michael Lee

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