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Gartner: Leverage B2B Digital Commerce for Cost Optimization, Improved CX and Revenue Growth

A deep dive by Gartner into the future of B2B commerce

In this report, we believe Gartner explores the changing demographics and behaviors of B2B buyers and provides actionable insights for B2B organizations investing in digital commerce.

This is a must-read for B2B leaders looking to expand their organization’s digital footprint and drive more revenue.

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What you’ll get inside this report:

  • Latest research into how Millennials and Gen Z are changing B2B buying
  • Information on the state of digital commerce across B2B organizations
  • Expert recommendations for investments in the most relevant B2B commerce capabilities
  • Actionable tips for digital transformation with digital commerce and enterprise marketplaces

As modern B2B buyer behaviors and expectations become increasingly different from their predecessors, B2B organizations need to make the necessary investments in digital in order to stay relevant.

If anything, Covid-19 has shown the real opportunity that digital commerce presents for B2B. It can therefore be expected that more companies will pick up pace in their digital transformation effort in 2021.

To provide you a head start over your competition, we’d like to offer you one of the latest Gartner B2B reports discussing how investments in digital commerce can result in cost optimization, revenue growth and improved customer experience. Enjoy!

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