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Episode 85: How GenAI Changed Commerce Forever

Generative AI (GenAI) is revolutionizing ecommerce, driving innovation in conversational commerce and becoming a key budget item for marketers. Elena discusses this with Vikas Jha, VP of Engineering at Bloomreach, who shares insights from his extensive experience. They explore AI-powered shopping assistants' impact on marketing and merchandising, along with tips for securing budget approval for conversational commerce.
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Generative AI (GenAI) is rapidly transforming the ecommerce industry, urging forward-thinking businesses to dream bigger than ever before. Among the burgeoning areas of innovation is conversational commerce, which is increasingly becoming a dedicated budget item for marketers and merchandisers. 

For deeper insights into this evolving field, Elena got together with Vikas Jha, VP of Engineering, Conversational Commerce at Bloomreach. With an impressive track record, including stints at Google and as the Founder/CEO of Radiance Commerce (acquired by Bloomreach in 2023), Vikas offers a rich perspective on the subject.


  • The explosive rise of GenAI that has refined conversational commerce technologies over the last 24 months

  • Exciting ways AI-powered shopping assistants are set to revolutionize both marketing and merchandising 

  • Tips and tricks for getting the green light and budget to dive into the world of conversational commerce

Episode 85: How GenAI Changed Commerce Forever

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    In two years time, 20 to 25% of digital revenue, may end up being conversation assisted. And if you are not tinkering with this technology today, knowing fully well that it will take you some time to perfect it for your use cases and your site you are left behind.

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