Guide to Buying Enterprise Site Search

23 questions to help you evaluate site search solutions.

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Here are some questions you should ask when evaluating a search vendor

  • What shopping signals (clicks, conversion, revenue, etc.) does the solution leverage to rank the result set?
  • Does the solution utilize recent user behavior to personalize the result set per individual shopper?

Evaluating site search solutions is a tricky task.

What search features are available out there today?
What do vendors need to show you to gain your confidence?
What type of proof should you ask for?
Where do you start?  

Based on questions that our sales team most commonly recieve, we’ve put together 23 questions (you can see the first three below) that can help guide your site search evaluation.

Whether you are just embarking on research or deep into the evaluation process, these questions can help you ask the tough questions that ensure you find a top notch solution.

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