2019 Black Friday eCommerce Trends in the US and UK Report

This report provides valuable insights for ecommerce leaders who can leverage this data to  improve their customer’s experiences going into holiday shopping season and into 2020. All data is anonymously gathered across our customer base in the US and UK.

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This has exposed previously unseen insights into:

  • the top products people shopped for
  • how they behaved when browsing online 
  • trends regarding the types of devices they used 

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the US retail calendar. Whilst this landmark day was introduced across the pond a few years later, it’s now one of the key dates in the UK shopping year as well. 

Understanding what customers are looking for and how they behave when shopping helps companies to improve the shopping experience and ensure sales!

In this report, Bloomreach has analyzed Black Friday visitor data across its platform to determine trends and patterns in shopping behaviour.

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