Succeed in the Age of AI with a Unified AI Strategy

Using a unified AI strategy to succeed in ecommerce

AI is evolving at a tremendous rate, especially in its applications for ecommerce marketing. Only a few years ago, enhancing personalization with AI was considered cutting-edge. Today, with the rate of innovation we’re now seeing, leveraging AI in ecommerce marketing has become an expectation.  However, while 80% of CMOs are planning to increase their investments […]

Episode 88: The Secrets Behind ILIA Beauty’s 55K-Waitlist Product

Cherene Aubert, VP of Digital and Ecommerce at ILIA Beauty

Crafting a buzzworthy launch is truly an art form, especially in a crowded market — like beauty — where it can be tough to stand out. Today, we’re joined by Cherene Aubert, VP of Digital & Commerce at ILIA Beauty, who has a proven track record of disrupting industries with her innovative ideas around product […]

eTail East

eTail East

eTail has been the hub for top retail leaders to meet, collaborate, and experience cutting-edge e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. 

What To Know About Using Live Chat for Ecommerce

Person using live chat for ecommerce

It happens all the time — you’re ready to check out on an ecommerce site when uncertainty strikes. Perhaps it’s about size, pricing, or just needing more details about the product. And if you can’t find a quick solution, it’s easy to just give up on the purchase. That’s a common frustration a lot of […]

New! Developer Resources for Bloomreach Discovery Now Available

New Developer-Friendly Features for Bloomreach Discovery

The Bloomreach team has been cooking up some major updates for Bloomreach Discovery that are sure to make your implementation experience smoother and more intuitive. These enhancements are meant to streamline integration activities and support ongoing maintenance on the platform, ensuring you can focus on what you do best: creating amazing user experiences.  TL;DR: Check […]

Life With Bloomreach

Watch this video to learn what your life could look like when you use Bloomreach.