How To Personalize Ecommerce With Merchandising Tools


For your ecommerce website to stand out nowadays, you’ll need to do more than just offer great products. It’s about crafting personalized shopping experiences that truly resonate with each customer. Ecommerce merchandising tools are your secret weapon here. These tools don’t just make your products look good — they strategically influence buying decisions. By leveraging […]

New! Developer Resources for Bloomreach Discovery Now Available

New Developer-Friendly Features for Bloomreach Discovery

The Bloomreach team has been cooking up some major updates for Bloomreach Discovery that are sure to make your implementation experience smoother and more intuitive. These enhancements are meant to streamline integration activities and support ongoing maintenance on the platform, ensuring you can focus on what you do best: creating amazing user experiences.  TL;DR: Check […]

Understanding the Power of Hybrid Vector Search in Ecommerce

Hybrid Search with Vector and Semantic

In the realm of ecommerce, site search solutions often cater to two distinct types of shoppers: the “searcher,” who knows exactly what they want, and the “seeker,” who browses to find what they need. Historically, optimizing for one type of shopper has often come at the expense of the other. However, recent advancements in artificial […]

Bloomreach Discovery Summer Feature Roundup: New AI-Driven Innovations


As we dive into the summer of 2024, Bloomreach is rolling out a suite of AI-driven updates aimed at enhancing its Discovery platform and revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their search engines. In this roundup, we’ll explore four standout features: AI Studio, Loomi Search+, Multi-Language Loomi Search, and Visual Search. Each one of them […]

5 Ways To Bring B2B Up To Speed With Optimal Site Search


Take a B2B-specific deep dive into our Discovery search solution We show you how to utilize your data to easily create scalable and revenue-driving experiences. You will see specific use cases that are available for you right from the start of using our Discovery platform. Hear real examples of like-companies that have driven significant results […]

Life With Bloomreach

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