Bloomreach Discovery Summer Feature Roundup: New AI-Driven Innovations

Shinhe Cho
Shinhe Cho

As we dive into the summer of 2024, Bloomreach is rolling out a suite of AI-driven updates aimed at enhancing its Discovery platform and revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their search engines.

In this roundup, we’ll explore four standout features: AI Studio, Loomi Search+, Multi-Language Loomi Search, and Visual Search. Each one of them leverages groundbreaking technology to give businesses greater control, flexibility, and efficiency. And we think you’ll agree that they’re pretty awesome! 

Let’s recap what we’ve been working on recently. 

Craft Customized Search Experiences With AI Studio

AI Studio is our revamped algorithm customization dashboard within Discovery, and it’s designed to empower businesses to create and fine-tune their own ranking algorithms in a no-code environment. 

Using the latest learn-to-rank techniques, AI Studio will make it easy for your ecommerce teams to train, test, and deploy customized ranking algorithms. These will pull data from your own signals (e.g., offline revenue and product ratings), as well as the default Bloomreach algorithm with new weights that you set. 

With AI Studio, you can finally take the driver’s seat by understanding and configuring the algorithms that power your search and category pages. This hands-on approach enables you to tailor the search experience to better meet your customers’ needs. The easy-to-use tools make experimentation straightforward, allowing you to test and implement new algorithms — without the need for extensive technical knowledge. With this added flexibility, you’ll get more precise search results and drive much better commercial outcomes. 

Bloomreach Discovery AI Studio for Search Optimization

Hybrid vector search is an advanced search technology that combines traditional keyword-based search with LLM-powered vectors, unlocking the 30% of potential revenue hidden in long-tail queries (aka queries that consist of three or more words). 

We’re excited to announce the launch of Loomi Search+, which integrates Google’s Vertex AI models into our semantic search to allow for better recall sets, helping customers find what they’re looking for faster and more accurately. Traditional keyword-based search engines often struggle with long-tail queries — those specific and less common search terms that collectively account for a significant portion of search traffic. Loomi Search+ uses a blend of keyword and vector-based approaches to understand and retrieve relevant results for these complex queries, ultimately improving the search experience and increasing conversion rates.

Loomi Search+, integrates Google’s Vertex AI models into Bloomreach's semantic search to allow for better recall sets, helping customers find what they’re looking for faster and more accurately

Our powerful semantic search is now called Loomi Search! And if you’re looking to expand into a new market territory and enhance your global reach? It’s easier than ever to scale with Bloomreach Discovery. Bloomreach’s proprietary semantic understanding capability — previously launched for French and German — has been expanded to support 33 languages. This ultimately means that businesses can scale search relevance across multiple sites to cater to a global audience.

More specifically, your ecommerce business can now easily improve your search experiences for non-English-speaking customers by accurately interpreting and processing queries in their native languages. By doing so, you’ll increase engagement across diverse markets — a win-win for you and your customers. What’s more, this functionality will be offered for both Loomi Search and Loomi Search+, so you can deliver incredibly personalized results around the world. 

Bloomreach Loomi Search offers proprietary semantic understanding for 33 languages

Visual Search enhances the customer experience by offering an alternative way to search using images instead of text — a useful feature in industries where visual attributes are paramount, such as fashion or home decor.

By enabling customers to search with images, Visual Search caters to the growing preference for visual content over textual information. This capability allows users to upload a photo or use their device’s camera to find similar products within the catalog. It simplifies the search process, especially when customers are unsure how to describe an item in words. As a result, it can increase user engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher conversion rates.

Customers can find what they are looking for from an image with Bloomreach's visual search capability

Bloomreach Sets the Gold Standard for Ecommerce Search and Personalization 

Our latest developments — AI Studio, Loomi Search+, Multi-Language Loomi Search, and Visual Search — are part of the Composable Personalization Cloud, a comprehensive suite of products designed to provide personalized, data-driven experiences. Loomi AI, the backbone of these advancements, ensures that each feature integrates seamlessly to enhance the overall performance of Bloomreach Discovery.

With customers expecting greater personalization, now’s the time to integrate these exciting new features into your business strategy. Whether you’re looking to customize your search algorithms, find new revenue streams, or scale globally, Bloomreach Discovery has the solutions you need. 

Stay ahead of the curve by checking out the rest of our AI-driven innovations. Or, if you’re ready to take your product discovery to the next level, book a personalized demo today. 


Shinhe Cho

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bloomreach Discovery
Shinhe Cho connects customers to the magic of Bloomreach Discovery as a customer-centric product advocate. She enjoys delivering value and solving problems, one message at a time.

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