Mike Aspinall

At DFS…it’s essential that we accurately personalize our communications so we only talk to our customers about the specific furniture they’re shopping for. Bloomreach Engagement, coupled with third-party data enrichment and visualization tools, has enabled us to do all of this in a scalable and easily manageable way.

Pete Franco

We want to cater to a lot of different styles and doing that is a lot harder than it sounds. You know, you obviously want to personalize, you want to find that complementary product that people will get excited about. That way, for every customer, Living Spaces is the perfect shopping destination for them. Bloomreach […]

Tom Reding

“The next logical step for us was Bloomreach Engagement after outgrowing our previous marketing automation platform. It has the perfect combination of ease of use and complexity. It has truly enabled us to deliver personalized experiences at scale.”

World of Books

“The integration with Bloomreach has been smooth and the support received has been second to none. We have been using Bloomreach Engagement for a couple of years now and it has really bought our customer facing journeys together and all in one place!” Read the full review.

Eve Sleep

“This app is brilliant. Using this app and with the incredible support of Bloomreach we were able to make the switch over seamlessly. We are now live with the Bloomreach Engage and leveraging all of the great features that it brings on our live shop.” Read the full review.

My Store

“I have been using Bloomreach Engagement for a while now, and I must say that its SMS capabilities have truly revolutionized the way I engage with my customers. The platform’s segmentation, personalization, and seamless two-way integration with Klaviyo have been nothing short of impressive.” Read the full review.

Life With Bloomreach

Watch this video to learn what your life could look like when you use Bloomreach.