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B2B Contextual Targeting

Provide personalized commerce experiences that drive revenue through search, browse, layout and content.

A Brief History

Why Personalization & Targeting Has Failed for B2B

There are a few parallels between B2B and B2C personalization, but personalization in B2B is infinitely more complex. 

Multi-Layered Persona

It’s not easy to personalize to a single individual, but it gets complex in B2B when you factor in vertical, account, department and application.

Extremely Diverse Customer Base

When the customer base is diverse from the researcher, to the technician, to the customer service rep, providing the right information without having to wade through thousands of SKUs and other data that is irrelevant to their job is much more complex.

Complex Product Catalog

While a knowledgeable salesperson can navigate through an unwieldy catalog, B2B buyers often require personalized & funnel-based catalog on different education levels.

From Sales Rep to Self-Service

In the past, salespeople could help manage the complexity of the customer and their use case, but today’s customer wants to do more research on their own. You need a way to personalize based on the customer and their use case and let them find products and content on their own.

Thinking Differently

Opt-in for Contextual Targeting that Drives 'Real Impact'

Personalization that drives revenue in commerce requires an understanding of industry, accounts and use cases as well as an understanding of products.

Product Data

The Bloomreach relevance engine looks at your product data, every word, and extracts meaning such as the attributes and product type. 

It knows when "chocolate" is the product and when it's an attribute so that when someone searches for “milk chocolate”, they don’t get milk pints.

Customer Data

Bloomreach also deeply understands customers. Our technology looks at every word and extracts the meaning of those words and matches those to your products.

It knows from experience that in “dress shirt”, the product is a “shirt”.

Commerce-specific ML and Datasets

Our commerce-specific ML helps your entire search get better on two levels. You benefit from our global libraries and database, and then once you’re a customer, we create information that is only yours.

Success Stories

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increase in search revenue

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We rely on the Bloomreach algorithm to really drive the majority of our search results and navigation and filter placements.

Brooke Logan
Sr. eCommerce Manager



more revenue

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We definitely get the sense that we are tackling more bigger-picture problems, like how do we drive product discovery and expose users to new categories, new products, new services.

Doug Gribbel
Senior Manager, Global eCommerce
Bloomreach Made it Possible

Provide a Personalized, Quick and Easy Shopping Experience

Help Them Find Products Fast

  • Personalize the most impactful areas of your site with cohesive technology.
  • Return accurate results for every visitor by understanding which segments care about which product attributes and leverage associations between queries and products. 
  • Rely on AI, not manual rule writing, to ensure that your search is always getting better.

Relevant Experiences on Every Channel

  • Deliver personalized content and products quickly to any channel or device from one central place.
  • Combine customer data with the context of the moment. Interactions can be dynamically improved based on device, location, time of day, referring website, search times and even the weather.
  • Understand association between products and content that helps you know which content leads conversion.

Intelligent Product Recommendations

  • Deliver recommendations based on search behavior. 
  • Empower product managers to achieve specific business goals like boosting private-label products or helping find replacement parts.
  • Leverage the intelligent index by providing more accurate, personalized recommendations.

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