Case Study

How Boden Personalizes Every Visitor’s Experience

Learn how the merchandising team at Boden, the leading British retailer, are using automation to eliminate manual rule writing.

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Bloomreach is the perfect blend of art and commerce. It enables us to set rules to influence machine learning to drive key trends and metrics like margin, Average Order Value, and conversion rate.

Harriet Dowell, eCommerce Trading Manager at Boden

Download the written case study to see how the Boden online merchandisers, Harriet and Lee, discuss how they are now using:

  • AI to personalise the experience
  • Automation to eliminate manual rule writing
  • Actionable insights to achieve specific business outcomes, including increasing RPV and AOV

The merchandising team at Boden were constrained by heavily manual tools that made it hard to create the experience they wanted to.

With Bloomreach, Boden are now able to build personalised experiences for their visitors quickly!

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