Enhance Shopping Experiences with Custom AI Tuning

Enhance your visitor's search, browse and landing page experience with brPathways. For the first time ever, tweak and tailor Bloomreach's intelligent algorithm to display products across multiple digital channels and suit your business goals. 

Decide What to Optimize

Choose which products you want to highlight to achieve your business goals.

Decide What to Optimize

House Brand

Drive higher margins and profitibality by highlighting your in-house brands.

Excess Inventory

Reduce costs by uncovering new opportunities to target new product with excess inventory levels.


Accelerate revenue growth with a targeted approach to feature on-sale products. 

New Arrivals

Drive early visibility, engagement, and revenue by showcasing new product arrivals. 

New Since Last Visit

Create an unique customer experience by featuring new products based on previous visitor behavior. 

Research and Insights

How to Bring Content and Commerce Together

Customer Experience is the battleground in digital commerce. Learn how you can leverage the right content to revolutionize the eCommerce experience.


Under the Hood: BloomReach Search

Learn about the features that put a scalable, intelligent search technology in your hands.