Help Visitors Find Products Fast

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising (brSM) is one part of the Bloomreach Experience platform. It offers a set of algorithms and advanced merchandising tools so you can fully optimize each visitor’s search, browse and landing page experiences.

Help Visitors **Find Products Fast

to Drive Relevant Experiences

Tools to Drive Relevant Experiences

Tools **to Drive Relevant Experiences

Highly Relevant Search

Search that understands meaning and adjusts with customer behavior.

Built-In A/B Testing

No more relying on analysts - merchandisers can now run tests right from their dashboard.

Customizable Algorithms

Give more weight to higher margin products or your own brand products in the algorithms.

Visual Storytelling Tools

Tell a product story by locking products and letting an algorithm work around them.

1:1 Personalization

Product grids and content personalized to every shopper.

Analytics and Playbooks

Built specifically for site merchandisers and search analysts to prioritize tasks and get their jobs done.

Staples increased revenue by 4.4% on and by 3.5% on while lengthening average time on site.

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+47% average time on site
Find out How brSM's **Technology Works

Find out How brSM's Technology Works

brSM's Semantic Understanding Technology uses Natural Language Processing to separate "products types" from "product attributes".

This technology surfaces the most relevant products for a specific query by making sense of the merchant's content on one side and the end user's query intent on the other side.

Find out How Our Technology Works

Grow Your Traffic

Maximize SEO for your entire product catalog and drive more traffic with Bloomreach SEO. Utilizing machine-learning algorithms, Bloomreach SEO improves your site structure and content richness, allowing more customers to find what they're looking for on your site.

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Grow **Your Traffic

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