Episode 43: 2022 CommX Research — Risks, Trends and Investment Priorities Among Digital Commerce Leaders

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In 2022, companies are being pressed to find new, more effective ways to find and keep customers.

The 2022 Digital Trends & Investment Priorities Report, co-published by Comm-X and CommerceNext, found that companies are still concerned with ongoing supply chain problems, rising customer acquisition costs, data privacy, and more. Facing these challenges, how are companies positioning themselves to find success this year?

Hear our conversation with Scott Silverman, Co-Founder at CommerceNext, and Chris Hardisty, VP of Commerce at K-Swiss covering:

  • How companies are forecasting growth for 2022
  • How rising customer acquisition costs could be a good thing for both brands and consumers
  • The increasing importance of first-data
  • The ripple effect from tragedies around the world on commerce supply chains
  • How site personalization and experience investments are leading the way in building customer loyalty

First-party data is the greatest solution to rising customer acquisition costs. You’ll know your customers better and you’ll understand the best customer experiences you want to build.

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