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Episode 36: The European Ecommerce Climate, with Victor Terpstra, CCO at SQLI International

The latest guest on ‘The State of Commerce Experience’ is Victor Terpstra – Chief Commercial Officer at leading digital experience agency SQLI International. In this episode, Brian and Victor discuss the shape of digital commerce in Europe, why the region is behind the US in ecommerce growth, and how SQLI is evolving to the new normal.
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Though the impacts of the pandemic have been seen across the globe, it is clear that, while widespread, those impacts were not necessarily equal. One area where this is evident is in the disparity between US and EU/UK ecommerce growth, where increases in the EU and UK lag far behind that of the US.

To learn more about the trends and business leader sentiment guiding EU ecommerce strategy through the pandemic and beyond, host Brian Walker speaks to Victor Terpstra, the Chief Commercial Officer at Amsterdam-based digital experience agency SQLI International.

Episode Highlights

  • Together, they discuss the differences in both consumer confidence and economic conditions in Europe, and how SQLI’s engagement model is evolving with the market. They cover a range of topics in this conversation, including:
  • Why European based businesses are behind the US when it comes to aggressive investment in digital transformation.
  • How the digital agency model has evolved without on-site or in-person meetings, and how this has affected system integrations with clients.
  • And what impact the recent digital inflection will have on European business leaders’ approach to serving consumers and B2B customers post-Covid.

This episode is packed with insights on the European digital commerce climate, and how agency-client relationships in the region are evolving to be more ongoing and collaborative rather than single-project delivery.

If you’re keen to build more engaging experiences with your clients, or you’re looking to evolve into a digital-first business, Victor shares some great ideas in this episode that you won’t want to miss.

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The whole concept of physical presence has changed. And it also applies to consuming. I want to buy, receive, and consume wherever I want. So, business leaders need to step up in order to meet these customer needs.

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Victor Terpstra

Chief Commercial Officer at SQLI International

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