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Episode 35: Evolving Education for Digital Commerce, with Kirthi Kalyanam, Ph.D

Dr. Kirthi Kalyanam, L.J Skaggs Distinguished Professor and Executive Director of the Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University, joins Brian Walker in this episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’ to discuss the evolution of retail and merchandising education and the impacts of the pandemic on learning.
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Digital has changed the landscape of retail, and colleges and universities are beginning to find innovative ways to reflect that in their cirruculum. Brian Walker speaks to Professor Kirthi Kalyanam of Santa Clara University, a leading academic with research and expertise in retailing, internet, and multi-channel marketing, to learn how classrooms are evolving to keep pace with a changing industry. 

Episode Highlights

  • Together, they discuss the role of education post-pandemic and how businesses can better support the retail talent pipeline from classroom to career. They cover a broad range of topics in this conversation, including:
  • The evolution of retail and e-commerce, and how that’s been viewed within academia.
  • How the pandemic has impacted students, not only in the classroom, but also in their ability to prepare for the future ahead.
  • The importance of training students on the platforms and technologies used in retail today.
  • What businesses can do to better support the classroom to career pipeline for students.

This episode offers many fascinating insights into how modern business and academia overlap, and how education must evolve at the same rate as the e-commerce industry in order to thrive in the new landscape.

If you’re looking for ways to help the next generation of bright business minds, Dr. Kalyanam shares some invaluable insights in this episode that you won’t want to miss.

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From a technology usage point of view, any area like e-commerce digital marketing, where technology is a big part of everything that’s going on, and platforms are a big part of what’s going on, hands-on experience with those platforms is something that I think is going to become more popular in the classroom.

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Dr. Kirthi Kalyanam

L.J Skaggs Distinguished Professor at Santa Clara University

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